IAPB GA2020 Abstract Submission Portal


The GA2020 Programme Committee welcomes the submission of abstracts for presentation at the IAPB’s 2020 Global Assembly (GA2020), 12-14 October 2020 in Singapore.


Deadline, Review and Acceptance

Online submission of abstracts are due by Monday 20th April 2020 at 23:59 GMT.  Submissions will be reviewed by the GA2020 Programme Committee and primary authors will be notified of acceptance or if an abstract has been declined by 30th May 2020.

Note: There is no obligation to register your attendance to GA2020 upon submitting an abstract.
Once you have read the guidelines please click the login button to create your new user profile and begin.  

Submission Types

 · Scientific Research and Policy or Practice Abstracts for presentation in following formats:

o Free Papers - Oral presentation of 10 minutes + 2 minutes Q&A

o Rapid Fire Papers - Oral presentations of 5 minutes + 2 minutes Q&A

o Poster Display


·  Film Festival Abstract for screening of a 5-8 minutes original film


·  PitchNOW for the opportunity to present a 5 minutes pitch with 5 minutes grilling on your sustainable innovation to judges and a live audience.


General Submission Guidelines 

Please note that there is a separate set of guidelines for each of the submission types - please read carefully the guidelines for your submission type. You will be able to find a tab for each submission type once you have created your User Profile - follow the instructions below.
Important note:  previously published or presented abstracts will not be accepted.
If your abstract submission is successful, we will ask you to please register and pay the applicable fee to attend GA 2020 by 30th June 2020; note, all presenters will need to cover their own travel, registration, visa and accommodation costs. 
Online submission instructions 

The Abstract Portal will enable you to work on your Abstract online. You will be able to draft and edit your document in your own time.

To get started you will need to:

1. Click the Log in button on the top left of the screen

2. Click on New user

3. Fill out all the fields and press Save to create a your profile

4. Click on the Submissions button on the top left of the screen

5. Click on Add New to start your abstract

6. Complete the fields as specified

7. You can click save and continue at any time and you will be able to return to complete your abstract at another time

8. When all fields are completed and ready to submit, click save and submit.


Withdrawal / Changes

Abstracts can be changed or withdrawn when you are logged into the Abstract Portal up until 20th April 2020.

- To change your abstract, click on the submission name, change the relevant fields and then click save and submit.

- To withdraw the abstract, click on the submission name, press the delete button (top left of the form). Please note: the system does not keep a copy of a deleted abstract. If you later decide to go ahead with the withdrawn abstract you will need to resubmit from the beginning.



For questions related to abstract submission, please email Debbie at IAPBProgramme@myt.uk.com


Thank you in advance for your time - we are looking forward to receiving your submissions and delivering an outstanding GA programme!



Serge, Venkatesh and Jude

GA 2020 Programme Co-chairs

Professor Serge Resnikoff, Dr. Rengaraj Venkatesh and Judith Stern