Proposal submission is closed on Septemer 1, 2020.  You will be able to create a new profile but will not be able to submit a proposal. Human Rights Forum will open for the public submission in the winter 2020.  

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Information and rules concerning your proposal submission


General information - applies to both oral and poster presentations

  • Proposals must be submitted in either English, French, or Spanish and limited to maximum 250 words.
  • It is mandatory that the main author's contact detail is used to create user account and submit the proposal. This is in order to collect sufficient data and to avoid possible miscommunication relating to the proposal submission, review process and notification. The valid email address you use for the user account will be used for all ongoing communications. Please have the main author as the first one on the author list when you submit the proposal. 
  • It is possible to include presenter/co-presenters' biographies all together and insert as one when you create the user account (maximum 150 words). 
  • A maximum of 2 proposal submissions per author are permitted.
  • Please ensure the proposal is proof read carefully before submitting, as changes or additions will not be accepted after the call for proposals closes on November 2, 2020. The organiser will not correct typographical errors on behalf of the submitters. 


Proposal guidelines and instructions

The proposal should be structured as follows:

  • Include one title (max. 30 words).
  • Include one short title (max 8 words). The short title will be used for communication and to print on the final program. 
  • Select one thematic topic the proposal belongs to.
  • You may upload one image (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif) or one short video (.mp4) to support your proposal. The video must be no longer than 2 minutes. 


Proposals must contain original data and meet international ethical standards.

Abbreviations should be defined and trade names are not allowed in the title, but may be accepted (in brackets) in the body.

Questions and registration for the conference

If you have any questions regarding the submission and system, feel free to contact The Meeting Planners, If you have questions concerning conference's academic focus, please contact Human Rights Forum,  

Remember that even though you have submitted a proposal, you still need to sign up for the congress in order to attend the congress program. Congress registration will open in August 2020. Please keep yourself updated on