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Information and rules concerning abstract submission

General information - Applies to both oral and poster presentations

  • Abstracts must be submitted in English and limited to 350 words.
  • The presenting author's contact details are to be used when submitting the abstract to avoid miscommunication relating to the abstract submission and review process.
  • Multiple abstract submissions are permitted.
  • Please ensure the abstract is proof read carefully before submitting, as changes or additions will not be accepted after the call for abstracts closes.
  • Remember to include a valid email address for confirmation of receipt of the abstract submission and ongoing communication.
  • The presenting author is to be the first author listed on the abstract where there is more than one author.
  • Abstracts will not be edited for content. Please check for typographical errors.

Abstract guidelines and instructions

The abstract should be structured as follows:

  • Select one title (max. 200 characters)
  • Select up to two submission topics
  • Provide up to 2 references
  • It is possible to upload pictures (up 1000 x 1000 pixel) and chart
  • If you are a student you can decide whether want to be a part of the student contest

Abstracts must contain original data and meet international ethical standards.

Abbreviations should be defined and trade names are not allowed in the title, but may be accepted (in brackets) in the body.

Questions and registration for the conference

If you have any questions regarding the rules or academic focus, feel free to contact Heaven Ho Sørensen at
Remember that even though you have submitted an abstract, you still need to sign up for the congress. We can not guarantee a place unless you book it yourself.