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Information and rules concerning abstract submission

Please remember that your abstracts have to comply with the rules specified below and you, as author, bear the primary responsibility for proofreading your abstracts. As some of the accepted abstracts will be published in Tidsskriftet for Akutmedicin, some rules apply. 

Please ensure that: 

  • Your abstracts have not previously been published as a full article in international literature.
  • Your abstracts are in English (either British or American, not both at once).
  • Your titles are written using sentence case and only use capitals for proper nouns and acronyms and do not use full stop at the end.
  • Your abstracts are maximum 350 words.
  • You have no more than six authors and clearly indicate affiliations for all authors.
  • The submitter is also the presenting author.
  • Your abstracts are structured by Background, Methods, Results and Conclusions (Also for submitted case reports). 
  • If you choose to include references (although discouraged) that you, in the text, use [1] style and that the maximum of references is three. Please format the reference as such: Koonin EV, Altschul SF, Bork P: BRCA1 protein products: functional motifs. Nat Genet 1996, 13:266-267.
  • You do not include figures and tables.
  • The scientific committee will make the selection of abstracts for oral and poster presentations by September 18, 2023. The presenting author will receive an e-mail with the result of the review and the scientific committee's decision on the abstract.

Questions and registration for the conference
If you have any questions regarding the rules or academic focus, feel free to contact Berrit Hedegaard at bh@meetingplanners.dk
Remember that even though you have submitted an abstract, you still need to sign up for the congress. We can not guarantee a place unless you book it yourself.

Submission of abstracts 
Please submit your abstract (structured into Background, Methods, Results and Conclusions) by following the link to registration and submission of abstracts. Deadline is 15. June 2023 at 23.59 and WILL NOT BE EXTENDED. Please note you must register to the congress in order to submit an abstract.