This award honours individuals who, over the previous 5 years, have displayed passion and commitment, while also inspiring positive change in the water sector. 

This award is open to all Professional AWA Members and Employees of Corporate AWA Members.

Closing date by state:
The 2023-24 season is now closed. Entries for the 2024-25 season will open in June 2024.
Submission Criteria for this award:  
• Describe how the nominee has contributed professionally to the advancement of the sector over the past five years. This may be from a technical, policy or management perspective. (500 words)
• Describe how the nominee is promoting and achieving a sustainable water future outside their primary role (over the past five years). E.g: through volunteer, secondary or extra-curricular roles. (500 words)
• Describe how the nominee's leadership has positively impacted their organisation, the industry, the environment and/or society over the past five years. (500 words)
• Describe how the nominee has supported diversity, inclusion and equality including inspiring leadership and capacity in others (over the past five years)(500 words).
• Describe how the nominee might be recognised as a water industry advocate and displayed a commitment to outreach in terms of either cross-sectoral or community water awareness (over the past five years) (500 words).
• Executive summary as to why the nominee should be awarded the AWA Water Professional of the Year (250 words).
Items to accompany your submission:
• Biography
• Resume
• 3 x images to be used in awards presentation
Optional video overview of the project (note: no score will be allocated to this video)


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