This award recognises significant and innovative initiatives within the water industry that drive prosperity and sustainability. Projects, initiatives or activities that may be included in this award are those that drive organisational transformative change or external programs that improve the engagement or outcomes for our communities and partners.

Examples of initiatives include diversity and inclusion programs, project delivery efficiency improvements, a new model of collaboration, international outreach programs that feature Australian technology or know-how, new way to finance projects or a community engagement program that is educating your customers. This award is open to any Australian corporate member.

Closing date by state:
The 2023-24 season is now closed. Entries for the 2024-25 season will open in June 2024.
Submission Criteria for this award:  
• Provide the context of the initiative including motivation and objectives (500 words)
• What is the program's relevance to the Australian water industry and how is it promoting a sustainable future? (250 words)
How is this initiative original or innovative? (250 words)
• What are the benefits of this initiative – social, economic, environmental and/or cultural – and have these benefits been realised? (500 words)
• Provide evidence of adoption, acceptance (uptake), recognition or promotion of the initiative (250 words)
Items to accompany your submission:
• A testimonial by an adopter or beneficiary of  the initiative that addresses the criteria (500 words)
• Lead-organisation bio
• 3 x images to be used in awards presentation
Optional video overview of the project (note: no score will be allocated to this video)


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