This award honours individuals in NSW working with water who have displayed outstanding passion and commitment in mentoring water professionals above and beyond expectations.   

The award is the legacy of our friend and colleague Kamal Fernando (former Principal Engineer of Water Supply, NSW Water Solutions, NSW Public Works) who sadly passed away unexpectedly in 2014.
Over 24 years, Kamal made significant contributions to water in NSW. Kamal had a passion for mentoring, and the transfer of his outstanding skills and knowledge has led to many skilled practitioners. Through their work, his contribution continues. 
The award encourages and recognises excellence in water mentoring – a fitting tribute to Kamal’s tireless and generous efforts to share his knowledge.

This award is open to all Professional AWA Members and Employees of Corporate AWA Members.

Closing date by state:
16 November 2023 
Submission Criteria for this award:  

• Please provide an outline of the nominee’s involvement in mentoring water professionals predominately in NSW, both as part of formal mentoring agreements and informally in the workplace and wider industry (500 words)
• What specific benefits have arisen for mentees from having the nominee as a mentor? (500 words)
• Why do you consider the nominee’s efforts in mentoring water professionals as outstanding? (500 words)

Items to accompany your submission:
• Biography
• 2 x Reference statement (500 words)
• 3 x images to be used in awards presentation
Optional video overview of the project (note: no score will be allocated to this video)


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