WA Only 


This award recognises the achievements of innovators in Western Australian in fostering the advancement of sustainable water management and/or significant environmental outcomes of water management practices. The innovation can relate to financing, design, construction, communication, planning, management, rehabilitation, marketing, sustainability and/or use of technology. 

The winner of this award will receive a one year AWA corporate bronze membership.

Closing date by state:
WA - 24 August 2023
Submission Criteria for this award:  
• Describe your innovation and why it is innovative (500 words).
• What is the innovation's relevance to the WA water industry? (500 words)
• What are the projected benefits to the local water industry? What specific problem can be/was solved with your innovation? (500 words)
• Describe the applications of your innovation (and if applicable include examples of where your innovation has been put in practice) (500 words)
Items to accompany your submission:
• Lead-organisation bio
• 3 x images to be used in awards presentation
Optional video overview of the project (note: no score will be allocated to this video)


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