AGPA Connect Program Proposal Preview

Below are the questions that you will need to answer to complete your proposal for Specific Interest Sections, Open Sessions and/or Workshops.

1) Past experiences relevant to topic area (most recent first). Please do not say "see attached" or refer to other documents.
2) How is this presenter qualified (by education and/or experience) to "teach" assigned content? (Expertise in a topic does not equate ability to teach the material. Please explain your qualifications to teach the material.) Do not say "see above," as this question has a different focus.
3) Course Title
4) Course Description (A 75 word or less, paragraph-form synopsis of the content of your presentation)
5) Subject Index/Search Topics (A drop list of topic areas are available and you select two which are most relevant to your presentation.)
This information will be used so that interested parties can locate your presentation in our program materials as well as on our website. At least one subject is required.
6) Learning Objectives: Please provide a minimum of three learning objectives (or, for sessions more than 2 ½ hours in length, one objective per hour of content) for your program offering.
7) Program Outline (Agenda): Please submit a full outline of the material to be covered by the program offering.
8) Assessment Questions: An assessment test consisting of ten objective questions (multiple-choice, true/false, matching). The questions must pertain to information the attendee has learned as a result of attending the program offering. Please keep the questions objective and close-ended.
9) APA requires that programs presented be based on a methodological, theoretical, research, or practice knowledge base. There are four options, you will be asked to select one. You will be asked to substantiate this choice in the following two questions.
10) Write a brief narrative describing how the content meets that criterion (how is it backed up by broader psychological practice, or established by research procedures or has been peer reviewed, published support or how it relates to statutory or regulatory policies).
11) Significant Articles: Please provide five (5) bibliographic references that support your APA category choice and your narrative noted above. References should be current within the last five years (if possible).
12) Teaching Methods: Which of the following teaching methods will be used during your presentation? (drop down box with selections)
13) Please estimate percentage of experiential work included in session. (Specific Interest Institutes only)
14) Years of Group Psychotherapy Experience Necessary for Attendee Participation (Workshops only)
15) Designation of Approach (e.g., didactic, experiential, sharing of work experiences, demonstration) list in priority order. (Workshops only)
16) Instructional Level (e.g., Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced).
17) Identify who the presentation is suitable for (e.g., Students/Residents, Early Career/New Professionals, Master Level/Senior Clinicians, Paraprofessionals, Peer Group Leaders).
18) Presenters participation in the planning and evaluation of the presentation (drop down box with selections).
19) Event registration limit (Specific Interest Institutes and Workshops)
20) Faculty Registration: If your proposal is accepted, do you as well as any other faculty members (if applicable) agree to register for the Annual Meeting?
21) Number of additional co-presenters not including yourself (drop down box with selections).