These sections, which are structured to provide experiential and cognitive learning, examine analytic and process group experience. Individuals applying to lead process group experience sections must be Certified Group Psychotherapists (CGPs) and have previously attended the National Instructor-Designate Section.

SPECIFIC INTEREST SECTIONS: Intensive learning exploring a variety of theories and methods in group treatment are offered in these limited registration groups. Current topics may be pursued in greater depth and instructors may offer new approaches and methods into private practice, clinic and agency work. PLEASE NOTE: Institute groups are usually led by one instructor and meet over two days; occasionally two instructors may lead a group. Institute instructors must be Certified Group Psychotherapists (CGPs).  

First-Time AGPA Instructors for Specific Interest Sections: Individuals applying for this section who have not previously led an AGPA Institute must submit two letters of reference from senior AGPA members recommending a faculty appointment to the Institute. 

OPEN SESSIONS: These sections are 2½-hour, 90-minute or 1-hour presentations and have unlimited attendance. Various formats may be used; most usually require a designated chair and several presenters. Some topics lend themselves to formal presentations followed by a designated discussant. Others are best handled through a less structured format. Active discussion with the audience is encouraged in all Open Sessions. The use of Power Point slides is encouraged. If material is to be presented by video, a copy of the video must be submitted to the Committee for review.

First-Time AGPA Faculty for Open Sessions: Individuals applying for this section who have not previously led at AGPA are typically limited to 90-minute or one-hour presentations. First-time faculty must submit a letter of reference from a senior AGPA member who can directly address the leader's ability to conduct an open session.

All open session proposals accepted for presentation at AGPA Connect with the exception of colloquies will be audio recorded. Chairpersons and panelists agree to have their remarks recorded by virtue of accepting an invitation to present at AGPA Connect. The following formats may be used:

PANELS: Panelists present formal papers and/or address questions posed by the chairperson in a particular area of interest.

DEMONSTRATION GROUPS: Faculty demonstrate approaches on specific topics, in some cases utilizing groups composed of volunteers from the audience.Open Session panel or demonstration group proposals should be submitted as a complete package with all participants confirmed. The responsibility for this resides with the chairperson who is expected to work with all participants in advance to assure a high quality session. All correspondence will be directed to the Chairperson. The proposal should indicate the suggested duration of the presentation. Events may be linked with other presentations on a similar topic.

COLLOQUY: These 1-hour small discussion groups are geared for diverse and innovative events.

COURSES: These events are held for 12 hours held over two or three days or 5 hours for one day and have unlimited attendance. Various formats may be used, however, a clearly structured curriculum is always in place and submitted for review with the proposal to the Committee.

WORKSHOPS: These events are 5-hour (all-day), 2½-hour (half-day) or 90-minute meetings where participants exchange information among themselves and with the chairperson. Attendance is limited, with interaction guided by the faculty person. Please note workshops are topically focused, but vary in emphasis with designations listed in priority order. The following modes of instruction are utilized: didactic, experiential, demonstration, sharing of work experiences.

First-Time AGPA Faculty for Workshops: Individuals applying for this section who have not previously led an AGPA Workshop are typically limited to half-day or 90-minute presentations. First-time faculty must also submit a letter of reference from a senior AGPA member who can directly address the leader's ability to conduct a workshop.

*** IMPORTANT: Faculty participation is limited to two events. The following restrictions also apply: Participants will not be invited to participate in two limited registration events (e.g., Institute and Workshop) nor will you be invited to participate in two unlimited registration events (e.g., two Open Sessions).

*** PLEASE NOTE: The Committee reserves the right to recommend and propose a different format for the submitted event (for example, even if you submit a workshop, the Committee may recommend an alternative format which may restrict participation as noted above).