In order to make a submission, follow this simple step-by-step process:
1. Create a profile on the Submission & Review Portal - Select the GET STARTED button seen below.
2. Once logged in, go to the 'My Submissions' page
3. Select the 'add new' button beneath Your Submissions
4. Choose your preferred Submission Type
5. Complete the form composing of answers to listed information categories/questions, and a 300-word text abstract.

Representatives from African Francophone countries are encouraged to submit presentations in French.
Professionals and students from various fields are encouraged to submit a proposal, including but not limited to those with expertise in engineering, ecology, finance, economics, law, geography business, community-based natural resource management, anthropology, technology development, environmental assessment, mitigation, protected area management, coordination and partnership development.
ACLIE 2023 hopes for geographical representation from across the continent and world.
Take a look at the six Submission Types below:
More detailed Session Descriptions can be seen on the submission forms for each type.

Take a look at the five Sub-Lenses below: