SSI/ISID Fellowship

The International Society for Infectious Diseases (ISID) and the Swiss Society for Infectious Diseases (SSI) jointly sponsor the SSI/ISID Infectious Diseases Fellowship. The purpose of the SSI/ISID Fellowship program is to support infectious disease physicians and scientists from under-resourced countries through multidisciplinary clinical and laboratory training in Zurich, Switzerland.

The SSI/ISID Fellowship program is open to applicants who are 40 years or younger, citizens and permanent residents of under-resourced countries or Eastern Europe. Applicants should have an MD or PhD in a relevant field and should hold a position at a medical, research, or public health institution.
Eligibility Criteria
For Clinical Work: Excellent language skills in German (oral and written) mandatory
For Research: English 

Full details about the SSI/ISID Fellowship
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