Brewers Association (BA) is proud to fund craft beer research and service grants in support of BA member breweries. Supporting research that aligns with member priorities ensures a sustainable and profitable future for U.S. small and independent breweries.
Proposals for 2024 funding will be accepted March 1- May 31, 2023. Please contact the Technical Department for additional information. To submit a proposal, create a profile or log in using profile credentials. Please note, in fiscal year 2023 no research grants were funded due to continued resource limitations as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Funding availability for fiscal year 2024 research grants remains uncertain.This information is intended to communicate transparency surrounding the BA's financial status and is not meant to discourage individuals from applying.

Funding priorities include hop and barley research, draught beer quality studies, and sustainability related projects, however all projects will be considered for funding. In recent years BA funding supported research and service grants for public barley and hop variety development, hop disease and hops aroma, as well as supporting affiliated national and state-level grower organizations. Projects which appeal to more than one area in particular are welcome. 

More information, including a current list of funding priorities, can be found here: Craft Beer Research and Service Grants.