30 November - 3 December

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA​​​​​​​


Deadline to Submit: Extended to Monday, 16 May 2022

This site will be used to manage your submission record throughout the program development process.  **Helpful Hint: This site works best while using Google Chrome.**

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​​​​​​​What is the PMI® Global Summit 2022?

The PMI® Global Summit 2022 brings us back together in person for a long-awaited gathering of project professionals and changemakers. This will be an exciting event for our stakeholders and customers as we meet in Las Vegas. The primary focus of this event will be on having live presentations, but there will also be a virtual component.

We invite all project, program and portfolio professionals to submit a proposal. If selected, you will:

  • Showcase YOU as a subject matter expert
  • Contribute to the profession by sharing your knowledge
  • Grow your professional network.​​​​​​​

Note: Proposals are for 60-minute sessions (45 minutes of content and 15 minutes for audience Q&A).

What Are We Looking For?

Global Summit will bring together a diverse audience - professionals in project management who want to invest in career building skills, PMO leaders excited to connect and share how organizations can be a force for change, and volunteers looking to increase their power to drive the profession and foster community. Proposals can be targeted for any or all of those audiences. A separate Call for Proposals addressing Chapter Operations will be announced in PMInsights.

PMI is seeking proposals that …. 

  • Will enhance attendees’ power skills, build their business acumen, and find ways to work smarter.
  • Have practical, tangible and precise takeaways for attendees
  • Address making social impact projects a priority, fostering open and innovative partnerships, rethink relationships with stakeholders, and have key capabilities to succeed.

For a list of relevant subtopics and global trends, check out the "Submit a Presentation Proposal" site.

Rules of Engagement/Requirements

  • Only proposals submitted online and by the published deadline will be considered.
  • Plan submission in advance (use our worksheet to prepare your details).
  • While more than one proposal may be submitted, please note that acceptances are limited to a maximum of one per person.
  • Submitter is the lead presenter and primary point of contact.
  • One co-presenter may participate and co-presenter information must be shared at time of submission.
  • Use clear, error-free language and note word limits for titles and descriptions.
  • PMI retains the right to modify titles and descriptions for marketing purposes.
  • Avoid all commercial bias; content is to be educational in nature, neutral and unbiased, free of commercial motive/intent.
  • Priority given to proposals that include original content that has not been presented elsewhere.
  • Accepted presenters must adhere to published deadlines (see chart below for milestones).
  • Accepted presenters will prepare a draft presentation that will be reviewed by subject matter experts.
  • Accepted presenters will participate in a virtual practice session with a subject matter expert.
  • Accepted presenters must observe any intellectual property rights.
  • Accepted presenters must register for the event; registration is complimentary and a special registration code will be provided.

To Get Started

Preparedness is key! Review these helpful documents before submitting your proposal.

Begin Your Submission!

**Whether or not you have submitted in the past to PMI Events, all submitters will need to create a new user log in and password specifically for PMI Global Summit 2022.**

  1. Select LOGIN at the top of the page.
  2. Select New User? Click here under the login fields.
  3. Create your profile in its entirety, and click SAVE. You will use these credentials to access this site throughout the process.
  4. You will be returned to the Homepage; select SUBMISSIONS at the top of the page to create a new submission.

To return to an existing submission, LOG IN with your credentials (email address and password) and select SUBMISSIONS to view your proposal(s).

Global Summit Programming Milestones (Timeline)

Developing a conference is just like a project! Below are the milestones for participation. Take note of the dates as these will impact you. (Note: dates are subject to change.)



16 May 2022

Deadline to submit proposal for PMI® Global Summit 2022

Week of 13 June

Notifications on proposal status

Week of 27 June

Selected speakers to confirm participation


Introductory Call(s) with PMI Staff

1 August - 2 September

Submit Draft Presentation with script for review by SME

6-30 September

Virtual Practice sessions to be held

8 October

Speaker registration details to be shared

10-21 October

Virtual Presenters: Pre-recording of presentation (final presentation due 3 days before scheduled recording)

1 November

In-Person Presenters: Final PowerPoint presentation due

30 November - 3 December

PMI® Global Summit 2022

Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

3570 Las Vegas Boulevard South

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Know your audience! This is a useful resource when preparing your presentation.