Poster presentations are an integral component of ISSX and MDO meetings. We encourage all those involved in the fields of metabolism, pharmacology, toxicology, molecular biology and other related disciplines to consider submitting an abstract for a poster presentation at the ISSX/MDO 2022 Meeting to be held September 11-14, 2022.

The First Call for general and poster awards competition abstracts have closed. 

The Second Call for general abstracts have closed.  

Scoring and Acceptance Notification

Please note these details regarding abstract scoring and acceptance notification:

    The call for general abstracts will be reviewed by the Poster Review Committee once the call closes in July. All authors will be contacted in early-August with results.
    General abstracts are reviewed for accuracy, clarity, and quality of the research presented. These abstracts are scored blindly by a panel of reviewers and are either accepted or rejected.
    Poster Awards Competition abstracts are reviewed for significance of research problem, experimental approach, soundness of conclusions, and clarity of presentation. They are scored blindly by a panel of reviewers and given a score for each of the set review criteria. The top five abstracts in the two competition categories will be invited to present at the meeting in live sessions. During the meeting, the posters of these finalists will be reviewed by the review panel and three winners will be chosen in each category.
1. Before You Submit, Gather Your Materials

Create your abstract word document with these guidelines in mind:

Presenting Author/Speaker: Please provide all required information for yourself as the presenting author, including a valid email address.

Additional Authors: Enter all additional authors in the order they should appear in the program and abstract book. The abstract submission form will guide you through the process of entering the additional author(s).

Language: All abstracts must be in English - the official language of the ISSX/MDO 2022 Meeting.

Abstract Body: The abstract text should be typed single-spaced and may not exceed 500 words (350 to 400 words is preferred). Type the text as one paragraph. All references included in the text should be numbered and accompanied by the full citation, including author’s names, title, journal name, volume, number, inclusive paging, and year of publication.

Abstract Content: Abstracts must describe previously unpublished work. Abstracts previously published for other domestic or international meetings cannot be accepted.

  • If the abstract is about metabolism/disposition/mode of action of the compound, then the chemical name or a partial structure must be included. If the compound causes a well-characterized biological response that is independent of structure (for example, compounds are a general inhibitor of some process, like apoptosis or chaperone function and structure is unrelated to the central theme), it is acceptable to include it with only the generic name.
  • Abstracts should include a statement of hypothesis, methods used, supporting data, results and conclusions. Abstracts found to be lacking in sufficient clarity, relation to the meeting topic areas, or scientific content may be rejected.

Review: Preparation of the abstract should be rigorous and the abstract checked for errors and accuracy before submission. Errors in the submitted abstract cannot be corrected once the abstract is accepted. Errors can be corrected in the poster, so the whole set of data and information presented is accurate. Accepted abstracts will be printed in the abstract book as submitted and so care should be taken to ensure that abstracts are free of errors.

2. Create a Profile and Submit Your Materials

Once you have gathered your materials, it is time to create your profile and select your poster category:

  1. Select the link in the menu above to “Create Profile or Login”
  3. On the next screen, click the link listed for “New User? Click Here”
  5. Enter information about yourself and confirm consent for ISSX and MDO to contact you and to publish your abstract.
  7. Continue on to submit your abstract by selecting the “Submissions” link that now appears in the menu above.
  9. Select the link to “add new” under the “Your Submissions” heading.
When you submit a new abstract, you will select your abstract category:
  • General Abstracts: All are invited to submit to the general call for abstracts!
Complete the submission by:
  1. Adding additional authors and affiliations,
  3. Copying and pasting your abstract from your word document,
  5. Selecting your primary and any secondary keyword(s),
  7. Reviewing the submission one last time, and
  9. Selecting the button to “save & submit” Once you submit, you cannot make edits so submit with caution!

ISSX Membership Requirement

It is a requirement that at least one author named in the abstract be a current, paid-in-full ISSX member. To join ISSX, please complete the membership application. To renew your membership, please visit www.issx.org/renew. By submitting an abstract one must confirm that if their abstract is accepted that they will attend the ISSX/MDO 2022 Meeting.



Please email information@issx.org or telephone us at +1 (202) 367-1160.