Thank you for applying for a scholarship to attend the 17th Annual Conference on Crimes Against Women.

Please read each option carefully, and select the opportunity that is the best fit for you/your group.

Only one application per team/person will be reviewed. Please do not apply for more than one scholarship type.

Incomplete applications or applications that do not meet the requirements will not be accepted.

  • *CLOSED* Option 1: Texas Multidisciplinary Team of 2 Scholarship (Texas Governor's Office Scholarship) - This scholarship covers Conference registration, hotel, and travel (up to $300) for teams of 2 individuals with different roles (example: victim advocate and detective) who work together in rural or underserved communities in Texas- for example: an advocate and a prosecutor or an advocate and a detective. Each team of 2 must have 1 advocate. To be eligible for this grant, your office may not be the recipient of any funding from the State of Texas Crime Justice Division.

  • *CLOSED* Option 2: Rural Texas Prosecutors Scholarship (Texas Bar Foundation) - This scholarship covers Conference registration, hotel, and travel (up to $100) for Texas prosecutors who work in rural or underserved communities. This scholarship is for rural Texas prosecutors only.
  • *CLOSED* Option 3: (NON-TEXAS) Multidisciplinary Team of 2 Scholarship *CLOSED* - 2 individuals with different roles who work together collaboratively. (example: victim advocate and detective) This scholarship covers registration, hotel, and travel (up to $300) for both individuals. This scholarship is open to applicants from outside the state of Texas.
  • *CLOSED* Option 4: Faith & Liberty Matching Scholarship *CLOSED* - Your department/agency/county/etc. provides the registration, hotel, and travel funds for an attendee, and CCAW will match the funding for a paid attendee. Limit 1 per agency.

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