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Thank you for your interest in speaking at The Battery Show & EV/H Technology Expo Conference Program!


Please login via the 'Login' page. If you do not have credentials you can create a Profile via the 'Login' page to begin submission process. 


The Advisors of The Battery Show (TBS) and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology (EVT) Expo North America invite presenters to submit speaking proposals for the event’s conference, to be held September 14-16,2021 in Novi, Michigan. 

We encourage proposals from speakers with deep technical, business and practical expertise in all aspects of battery development and electric & hybrid vehicle technologies and advacements.


We are accepting relevant proposals that may involve, but are not limited to, the following topics:

Battery Markets & Regulations

Market and Industry Forecasts, Regulatory Updates, Recycling Economics

Battery Materials, Supply Chain & Sustainability

Technologies for Material Sourcing, Innovative Materials, Battery Supply Chain , Circular Recycling, Sustainability

Advanced Battery Technologies and Evolution  

Latest Developments in Lithium Ion, Solid State, Silicone Anode, Lead Acid and Zinc-Based Technologies

Battery Design, Device Application & Manufacturing

Innovations in System Safety, Thermal Runaway, Pack Design, Range & Performance, Fast Charging Batteries, AI Applications,  Manufacturing Techniques and Scaling, Battery Applications For Consumer Products

Advancements in Grid Scale Battery Storage 

Emerging Technologies for the Mitigation of Energy Storage, Collaboration with Utilities and Government

E/HV Industry Development & Forecasts

EV Market Developments, Investments Forecasts, Supply Chain of EV Development and Sustainability

EV & Hybrid Design Advancements

Electric Motor Design, EV Thermal Cooling Systems, EV Powertrain Evolutions

Fast Charging & Infrastructure Developments

Infrastructure Developments, Fast Charging Infrastructure for Fleets, Ecosystem Collaboration

Transportation Electrification & Emerging Applications

Buses, Trucks & Construction Vehicles. New Applications: Marine, Aerospace, Last Mile Delivery Vehicles


Workshops – 2.5-3 Hours

Workshops are intensive 2.5-3-hour sessions encouraging attendees to explore topics with greater depth and breadth. Workshops are held on Tuesday, September 14th 2021, the first day of the conference, before the Expo begins, and offer a more detailed and interactive learning experience on battery and E/HV topics. In your CFS submission, please provide an outline of how the 3-hour session will progress. It is advised that workshops should be presented by more that one person if possible.

Lightning Talks – 15-20-Minutes

Lightning Talks are individual 20-minute presentations explaining recent innovations, research, and findings. These individual talks will each be followed by a short Q&A and will be grouped together by topic.

Technical Presentations – 30-45 Minutes

Technical presentations are more in-depth session explaining a new technology and its implications. Time for Q&A from attendees should be included in the 30-minute time frame.

Panel Discussions – 45-60 Minutes

Panel discussions provide an analysis of broad industry trends from a variety of angles. These discussions will begin with the moderator providing an overview of the topic, then each panellist will give a short introduction to themselves and their area of topic expertise. The moderator will then move to open discussion with prepared questions and questions from the attendees. If you propose a panel discussion, be prepared to serve as moderator and invite speakers from around the industry. A list of prospective speakers or speaker companies should be included in the proposal.


  • Talks that reveal new ways of thinking about applying battery and E/HV technologies
  • Talks that feature content never seen before and not available online, but which has been created specifically for this event
  • In-depth analysis of market and industry topics that will shape the future of the community
  • Real-world examples that show a novel application of technology or illustrate a solution to a technical challenge in an end product.
  • Talks that engage the audience in a highly creative or interactive way
  • Proposals from OEMs and tier 1 battery and EV manufacturers, or joint presentations with these companies, are of particular interest.
  • Proposals from emerging battery or EV start-ups that will shed light on innovative business and technology applications.

In general, we look for speakers who are willing to share their knowledge to help design and innovation continue and grow. Proposals that aim to market a specific company or product will not be considered.


Proposals must be submitted by February 18th, 2021 through this electronic portal – Please fill out the submission form completely and submit no later than the stated deadline. All individuals who submit a proposal will be contacted and advised of the status of their submission by the beginning of March 2021. If selected to speak, all presenters will be required to submit a PowerPoint presentation in PDF form at least one month in advance of the event to ensure guidelines are met.​​​​​​​


  • Double-check the email address you provide in the form; this is our primary point of contact.
  • Your submission work is automatically saved. You may start your proposal now and complete it any time before the deadline. You may even make edits after you submit it, up until the deadline.
  • Please ensure the first letter of your first and last name are capitalized and that your bio reflects your professional achievements accurately.
  • If you are a PR representative, fill in your contact details below (you will add speakers on the next page).
  • For more information about attending the events, please visit: www.thebatteryshow.com​​​​​​​

If you have any questions, please contact Lucia Contreras at lucia.contreras@informa.com​​​​​​​