Fall 2020 Conference

Call for Posters

The National Conference for Nurse Practitioners is an educational meeting and exposition for Nurse Practitioners in both primary and acute care across the continuum of health care. Currently, we’re soliciting poster abstracts for our next virtual event that will be held October 21-24, 2020.

Subject Matter

Submissions should contain subject matter of interest to either primary or acute care practitioners in any/all specialty areas and practice settings. Topics can include, but are not limited to clinical care, technology, documentation strategies, medication administration, team development, patient and family education programs, family interventions, legal/ethical issues, and more.


Abstracts must be submitted online. You’ll be asked for the following:

  • Poster Title
  • Primary Author's name, credentials and disclosure information
  • Additional Author's names, credentials and disclosure information
  • 2-3 learner outcome/session objectives (i.e., what will the attendee learn after viewing your abstract. Use words that begin with "describe", "identify", "define", "list", etc.)
  • Abstract (250-word limit) which should include:          
    • Introduction/Statement of Problem
    • Materials and Methods Used
    • Results
    • Conclusions
    • References
    • Acknowledgements

Additional Requirements:

1. Do not use abbreviations until you have spelled out all words/phrases with first use.
2. If presenting a patient case, obtain consent from the patient to report the case. Indicate this in the abstract.
3. If your project/research was approved by IRB, or exempted, please note this. All research studies must indicate IRB status.
4. Write full citation for all references. Do not give only the url.
5. Do not include any identifiers in the text of the abstract, for peer review purposes. You will be able to put them back if your abstract is accepted.
6. An authorization for Wolters Kluwer to use your abstract in print and electronic media.

September 10, 2020

Please only submit an abstract if you plan to attend the conference. Attendance is required for all accepted.


September 25, 2020     

General Information/Guidelines

CE credit will be awarded for your session, therefore, the following rules apply:

In accordance with the ANCC Standards for Disclosure and Commercial Support, all sessions for which continuing education will be offered must be independent, balanced, and all conflicts of interest must be resolved. Each speaker must list any/all potential conflict of interest. Each proposal is peer-reviewed by the Review Committee. Applicants who are selected for presentation will be notified by email.


The main factors considered to qualify abstracts for acceptance are as follows:              

  • Clarity - The learner outcomes (ie, educational objectives) of the research presented are clearly described.
  • Significance - The objectives of the research make a significant contribution to the NP profession.
  • Methods - The methods used (including the design, implementation, and analysis) are appropriate to achieving the objectives of the research.
  • Presentation - The abstract is logical, interesting, clearly written, and free of grammatical or typographical errors.
 Abstracts will be rejected by the reviewers for the following reasons:
  • Abstract not appropriate - The content of the abstract is not relevant to the audience.
  • Promotional in nature - The abstract was written to promote a specific product or procedure on behalf of a specific company or organization.

 Applicants who are selected for presentation will be notified by email.

 Submit your Topic Online!

  1. Click here to .
  3. Then click the Submissions tab in the upper blue area on this page.
  5. Enter one or more proposals.
Thank you for your interest!
     The NCNP Planning Team