PMI® Africa Conference 2020

6-8 September | Lagos, Nigeria
"Africa in the Age of the Project Economy"

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The theme of the conference is:

The two and a half day conference will be held at the Eko Hotel in Lagos – Nigeria from the 6-8 September 2020.

The PMI Africa Conference 2020 is the 5th conference in a series of conferences focusing on project management in Africa. The conference brings together leading researchers and practitioners operating at the nexus of project management and development in Africa and beyond. The conference is hosted by the PMI Nigeria Chapter in collaboration with the remaining 15 PMI chapters in Africa.


Proposal Topics
Below are the sub topics to consider for the 2020 PMI Africa Conference with respect to Africa's readiness for the Project Economy:
  • Capitalizing on Africa’s rapid projected population growth
  • The place of solar and other forms of renewable energy in a project economy dispensation
  • The benefits of shifting to cleaner alternative energy
  • Trends and drivers of the project economy in Africa
  • Approaches and strategies in adapting to the global project economy
  • Bridging and aligning the past and future with respect to the project economy
  • Advantages and benefits of the Project Economy
  • Global trends of the Project Economy
  • Globalization and the Project Economy
  • Challenges and impediments in realizing the benefits in the age of the project economy
  • Technology and the Project Economy
  • Resistance to the Project Economy
  • Championing the Project Economy
  • The Role of government in realizing the Project Economy
  • Africa’s Social, cultural and environment specifics in the age of the project economy
  • Effective project management and the role project managers in optimizing benefits of the Project Economy
  • Leveraging agile project management methodologies and best practice in a Project Economy environment
  • Adapting organization structure and culture in the face of the Project Economy requirements
  • Stakeholder engagement and in “syncing” with the demands of the Project Economy
  • Overcoming uncertainty, disruptions and resulting from the Project Economy
  • The value of the Project Economy in contemporary Africa
  • The 4th industrial revolution and the Project Economy
  • Considering Climate change and adverse climatic degradations in the age of the Project Economy
  • Learning from advances of the developed world and relative advancements of the developing world faced by a Project Economy
  • Public Private partnership projects (PPP) and the Project Economy
  • Corporate Ethics and Social responsibility in the age of the Project Economy
  • The Role of the Business analyst in the age of the Project Economy
  • Governance, strategy (P3) in the age of the Project Economy
  • Africa’s digital / “gig” economy and the Project Economy
  • Influence of the local community and traditional/customary settings
  • Relation of the product and project in the age of the Project Economy
  • The future lens: Project Economy in Africa
  • Comparing/Contrasting opportunities and challenges of the Project Economy
  • Africa’s readiness in light of the impending Project Economy
  • Africa’s infrastructure gap and the Project Economy
  • Rethinking project management in a “Project Economy” world
  • Environmental factors (PESTLE) and the Project Economy
  • Project success and the Project Economy
  • Managing Changes in relation to the Project Economy


Proposal Review
All proposals will be reviewed and scored by a team of volunteers and PMI staff according to:
  • Relevance to the conference theme 
  • Uniqueness and newness of information or perspective 
  • Originality of ideas and innovativeness in presentation style or content 
  • Relevance to latest PMBOK 6th edition and 
  • Availability of presentation slots. 
Research based presentations will undergo a peer review process.

NOTE: The Conference Program Team reserves the right to reject or edit any proposal whose content is offensive or defamatory, explicitly unethical or if it contains content that is politically sensitive, supports racism, sexual or religious discrimination, illegal activities and terrorism.

If your presentation proposal is accepted, you will receive an 
e-mail invitation to present and will have 7 days to accept or decline the invitation.

Timelines *subject to change

23 December 2019 - 18 February 2020 | Call for Proposals Open
30 April 2020 | Feedback for application outcome
6-8 September | PMI Africa Conference 2020, Lagos, Nigeria