Yfoundations - Investing in Youth Employment


About the Investing In Youth Employment Conference

A two-day national conference bringing together Business Leaders, Government Decision-Makers, NGOs and Education Providers to discuss solutions and strategies to increase the Employment of Marginalised Youth.


Top 5 reasons to attend Investing In Youth Employment!

During the two days, there will be a wealth of new knowledge shared. Our program ensures that delegates will make new connections, collaborate, explore and have fun in the process. Prepare to extend yourself and to learn more about how we can ALL increase opportunities for disadvantaged youth at work.

from renowned business such as ING Foundation and academic leaders like Mr Gonski AC as well as innovative organisations about the employment of at risk youth

-          -   LEARN how to create powerful public-private partnerships to integrate young marginalised job seekers into the labor market

-          -   DISCUSS what can be improved through interactive youth and industry panels

-          -  GET HANDS ON with the unique and interactive Solutions Forum to generate recommendations from all stakeholders to the Government

-         MEET professionals across 3 sectors interested in making a difference for the next generation of our workforce though casual networking sessions

There is no better time than the present to discuss youth employment! Yfoundations will provide a platform to ensure that the employment of marginalised young people is firmly on the policy agenda. The conference will contribute to Yfoundations' key goals of advocating for change, supporting the sector & building a better future without youth homelessness.


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