WI Annual Conference 2022 (Hybrid)

Program and Arrangements Chair contact: Claudia Deede at revcjdeede@hotmail.com

Agenda, general questions contact: Sue D'Alessio, Director of Connectional Ministries at sdalessio@wisconsinumc.org

Voting, petition questions contact: Kevin Rice Myers, Conference Secretary, confsec@wisconsinumc.org

Conference Relationship questions, your category, clergy session or ordination/commissioning status contact: Ty Hines at  bordmin@wisconsinumc.org

Laity Session questions contact: Conference Board of Laity, Ben Brancel at brancelangus@gmail.com

Registration or registration payment questions contact: Conference Registrar, Lori Denoyer at 888-240-7328 or ldenoyer@wisconsinumc.org

Worship at Annual Conference questions contact: Jane Sommers at janewheelocksommers@gmail.com

Youth Member and Young Adult Member participation in Annual Conference contact:  Sue D'Alessio at sdalessio@wisconsinumc.org

For any other 2022 WI Annual Conference questions contact: Event Planner, Angela Ullrich at aullrich@wisconsinumc.org