10th Australasian Viral Hepatitis Conference 2016

Overview of Benefits

An opportunity for you to:

Access and Engage healthcare professionals working in viral hepatitis and related diseases both face-to-face and over a one year period

Create Awareness and Understanding for your brand and organisation with an opportunity to showcase your latest product developments and updates in new technologies that differentiate you from your competitors

Build and Improve Relationships with current and potential clients throughout the Conference program and continue to build your reputation as a leader in the field

Enhance Your Credibility and Corporate Social Responsibility and provide Ethical Support to the sector where it is required most through activities aligned with our philanthropic scholarship program

The following prospectus will demonstrate how to make your organisation top of mind with Australasian and International healthcare professionals in the Viral Hepatitis and related diseases sector

2016 Viral Hepatitis Sponsorship Prospectus

Please note that we advise you to secure your participation early in order to gain longer-term exposure.