Thursday 26 November


Capacity building and the PICARD Programme

Moderator: Dashgin Aliyev (Technical Attaché, Capacity Building Directorate, World Customs Organization)

The Mercator Programme and the latest developments in capacity building activities and the PICARD Programme (tbc) (5 mins)
− Jonathan Fellows (Acting Deputy Director, Capacity Building Directorate, World Customs Organization) See presentation

Customs capacity building through Partnership in Customs Academic Research and Development (PICARD): Achievements and future directions (8 mins)
− Juha Hintsa (Cross-Border Research Association, Switzerland) and Mikhail Kashubsky (Head of Secretariat, International Network of Customs Universities) See presentation

The WCO’s impact to date and lessons learned: The road from Columbus to Competency (8 mins)
− David Hesketh (Hesketh Consultancy Ltd., UK) See presentation

How to better utilize the PICARD Programme in the WCO capacity building activities from the perspective of the WCO Asia-Pacific regional structures (8 mins)
− Tong Hua (Programme Manager, Asia-Pacific Regional Office for Capacity Building, World Customs Organization) See presentation

Question & Answer Session (39 mins)


Data-driven Customs and emerging technologies

Moderator: Milena Budimirovic (Senior Technical Officer, Procedures and Facilitation Sub-Directorate, Compliance and Facilitation Directorate, World Customs Organization)

Effectiveness and efficiency of artificial intelligence in boosting Customs performance: A case study of the RECTS at the Uganda Customs Administration (8 mins)
Kugonza Julius and Mugalula Christabel (Uganda Revenue Authority) See presentation

How can Customs better leverage emerging technologies for more sustainable and smarter operations? (8 mins)
− Ismael Kafando (Cotecna Inspection SA, Switzerland) See presentation

Blockchain technology in post and Customs (8 mins)
Samira Rahmanian and Morteza Farokhzad (Iran Customs) See presentation

Question & Answer Session (46 mins)


Closing Ceremony

Closing remarks: Ricardo Treviño Chapa (Deputy Secretary General, World Customs Organization)