NonStop TBC 2018

NonStop TBC 2018
Call for Papers is CLOSED.

The deadline for proposals is September 1, 2018.

The Call for Papers is for the following types of sessions:

  • 50 Minute Technical Breakout Sessions
    A technical breakout session should be an in-depth technical session that explores an issue, problem, or solution in a detailed manner. Marketing presentations will not be accepted.

  • 50 Minute Vendor Theaters
    For sponsors who have purchased a 50 minute marketing-friendly breakout session.

  • BOF's (Birds of a Feather Sessions)
    Birds of a Feather sessions (or BoFs) are informal gatherings of like-minded individuals who wish to discuss a certain topic without a pre-planned agenda. BoFs are a great place to meet other members of the community with similar interests.

Keys to a valuable session - 50 Minute Technical Breakout Sessions

Partners and Consultants must incorporate:

  • Knowledge and technical level of the speaker: a speaker must be able to field questions from a knowledgeable audience
  • A clear statement of the problem to be dealt with and the elements of the solution
  • Inclusion of real-life case studies or experiences with solutions. Note that consultants must incorporate real-world experiences in their presentations
  • Inclusion of in-depth technical information designed to help the target audience understand the issues at hand
  • The actual presentation must match what you describe in the session description and abstract

  • Other helpful hints for your session title and abstract:
  • Presentation descriptions should briefly describe the expected audience for the session.
  • Set up the problem/need your session will address (1–2 sentences).
  • Describe how your session will solve this problem/meet this need. Mention the main points/topics your session will cover. (1–3 sentences).
  • Tell how your session will help the participants or their customers. Will they save time, reduce overhead?
  • What is the key benefit? (1 sentence)
  • Do you recommend or require that participants have a certain level of technical expertise?
  • Spell out an acronym the first time that you use it in your abstract

The Call for Papers is for fifty minute sessions. The Call For Papers closes on 9/1/18.