2023 MTCCCA Clinic

2023 MTCCCA Speaker Handouts

Be Their Hero - Jim Marshall

Building Confident Athletes and a Winning Team Culture - Erica Douglas

The Skill of Athleticism: Leveling Up Your Program - Tony Douglas

Developing the Javelin - Tim Cary

Warrior Distance Running...Trying to Do the Ordinary Extraordinary Well - Andy Youngworth

Common Errors and Corrections in the Pole Vault - Brian Hancock

Block Starts and How to Teach Speed - Tony Douglas

Unlocking the Middle Distances - Tim Cary

Habits of Successful Horizontal Jumpers - Tony Douglas

How to Develop and Maintain a Solid Cross Country Program - Jim Marshall

Discover the Calling and GO FOR IT - Scotta Morton

Fundamental Approach to Coaching the Pole Vault - Brian Hancock

3 Pillars for Developing Championship Hurdlers - Erica Douglas

How to Build a Distance Program from Scratch - Andy Youngworth

400 Training - A Championship Foundation - Jennifer Reeder and Joe Cusack

Learning from a Legend: A Peek Inside the Festus Cross Country Culture and Training Philosophy - Wes Armbruster

Building Team Success through Sprint Relays - Jennifer Reeder and Joe Cusack

Building a High School Track Program Around Mid Distance Evenets - David Chatlos

Talent, Training & Tradition: Building a High School Distance Program from the Ground Up - David Chatlos

Lessons I've Learned as the Forrest Gump of Coaching - Tim Cary

Strength Training for the Track and Field Athlete - Liz Rydell

Strength Training for the Track and Field Athlete - Handout - Liz Rydell

High Jump - Bio-Mechanics, Problem Solving, Drills and Verbal Cues - J. Cary