10th Annual Metastatic Breast Cancer Research Conference

MBCRC Advocate Researcher Program (MARP) Call for Applicants

The application deadline has passed.


Goal of the program: Build bidirectional relationships between researchers and advocates.

Participant selection:

  • Breast cancer patient advocates with research advocacy experience are encouraged to apply (previous research advocacy experience is preferred but not required). Previous MBCRC attendance is not required.
  • Cancer researcher applicants should focus on metastatic and/or breast cancer research. Previous experience in working with advocates is preferred but not required. Preference will be made to junior investigators including PhD students, post docs, and junior faculty.
  • Participants will be selected in a way that balances the cohort with respect to expertise, background, experience with cancer, and goals.
  • We will select research advocates and research scientists to serve as the inaugural MARP class.

Expectations of those selected:

  • All MARP participants will attend MBCRC in person in Utah.
  • Before attending the conference, we will ask that you fill out a survey.
  • During the first hour of the advocate training session on Wednesday August 30, MARP advocates and researchers will be paired to begin to get to know one another.
  • Throughout the remainder of the conference, there will be opportunities to touch base with your MARP partner, including walking through the poster session on Wednesday and spending time together at lunch on Thursday.
  • After the conference is over, each pair will work together to write a blog post – this can be about your experience at the conference, the researcher’s project, or the advocate’s experience with cancer – and should be written from both of you. Blog posts will be due one month after the end of the conference (October 1) so we can post on the Theresa’s website during Breast Cancer Awareness month.
  • You will be encouraged to continue working with your partner. We will follow up with another survey ~6 months after the conference.

Benefits of being selected for MARP:

  • Travel expenses covered for all MARP advocates and researchers
  • Special flag added to your badge demonstrating you are part of MARP
  • Highlights on the Theresa’s website about you/ your partnership
  • Blog post created between the research scientist and research advocate
  • Introduction to a partnership that we hope will continue to improve cancer research!

To apply submit the following to josh@theresasresearch.org by June 15, 2023 (you can include your CV/Resume in one document and the other information in a single document):

Advocates Researchers
CV or Resume CV
A paragraph about your experience with you/ your loved one having breast cancer (max 150 words) A paragraph about your research focus in lay terms (max 300 words) 
If applicable, your experience advocating for research for MBC (max 300 words) If applicable, your experience working with patient advocates (max 300 words) 
A paragraph explaining what you hope to gain from participating in MARP (max 300 words) A paragraph explaining what you hope to gain from participating in MARP (max 300 words)

We will notify you about acceptance into the program by June 30.