M2M Forum® 2013

M2M Forum® 2013: Focus on How MEMS is Shaping the Future of Medical Devices

Thank you for making our annual members meeting, Member to Member (M2M) Forum a great success - due to the participation of members and presenters alike!  We greatly appreciate your commitment to MEMS and MIG!

We look forward to seeing you at future MIG events!

MEMS in Medical- the Full Supply Chain Perspective

At MIG’s Member-to-Member (M2M) Forum, members will gather to discuss the opportunities and challenges for the entire supply chain for MEMS in healthcare, medical, and biomedical applications.  MEMS and medical industry experts, leading academic researchers, will provide insight and strategies to successfully integrate MEMS into medical devices. 

Take part in our landmark MIT lab tour!

MIG has arranged a historic, one-of-a-kind insider’s tour of the world renowned labs of MIT.  The tour will begin with a look inside some of MIT’s most innovative labs working across multidisciplinary fields within BioMEMS and FluidicMEMS and end with an invited speaker and networking session.  They don’t roll out the red carpet for just anyone… Only MIG! 

Priceless MEMS Networking - 
Don't miss it! 

While the MIT Tour is definitely worth the cost of admission, the biggest benefit you’ll receive from M2M will be the networking and gained insight.  The knowledge of the commercialization challenges of the medical industry affecting the entire MEMS supply chain is a benefit that is only for MIG members, and its value is priceless.  MEMS have the power to significantly impact the future direction of medical device technologies.  Don’t miss this chance!