2019 Knowledge Academy
You have requested assistance for your visa.


In order to issue a Schengen Visa support document (Note Verbale), please forward asap:


- a valid email address where you may be reached at all time
- colored scanned copy of your passport (+ extension validity pages where applicable)
- scanned official letter stamped and signed on headed note paper from the Customs administration confirming your participation to the meeting.
- Name and
e mail of the Embassy where the visa request will be made.


As soon as our visa support letter will be received, print it in color and present it to the relevant Schengen Embassy.


Please be aware that a processing time at the Embassy of up to one month may be expected pending on nationality.


Beware : Your Passport copy must be submitted to the WCO 5 open days prior departure at the latest. WCO will not issue any visa support document when passport copy is submitted over this deadline.  As a reminder WCO is not entitled to interfere in Consular affairs and will hence not be in a position to contact the Embassy in case of delay which might put at risk your participation to the relevant meeting.

This procedure complies with the recent enforcement of the Schengen Visa Rules.


Please send your requests for the visa support letter to this dedicated e-mail address: