IVEC 2018 Exhibits
Company Tabletop Number Company Description: 
3M133M is a leading manufacturer of dispenser cathodes and electron guns. Each year we produce over 20,000 cathodes and electron guns designed to meet the exacting standards of military and civilian applications. From raw materials to final assembly, every stage of our manufacturing process is controlled for quality and consistency.
Applied Physics TechnologyAPTech specializes in thermionic and field emission. APTech is a specialty producer and supplier of CeBix (cerium hexaboride) and LaB6 (lanthanum hexaboride) cathodes for scanning electron microscopes (SEM) and transmission electron microscopes (TEM)
Bridge12 Technologies, Inc.
Calabazas Creek Research, Inc.4Calabazas Creek Research, Inc. is a leading developer of advanced RF sources and components. The company also develops state of the art computational software for advanced component design.
CBL Ceramics Ltd.
CPI7CPI is the world’s leading manufacturer of microwave tubes, generators, power grid devices and components, including TWTs, CCTWTs, klystrons, microwave windows, couplers and filters.
CST of America2CST develops CST STUDIO SUITE, a market-leading package of high-performance software for the simulation of EM fields in all frequency bands. CST solutions are used by leading companies across many industries, including aerospace, automotive, defense, electronics, healthcare and telecommunications. CST is part of SIMULIA, a Dassault Systèmes brand. www.cst.com
Diversified Technologies, Inc.17Diversified Technologies, Inc. is the developer and marketer of the PowerMod™ line of high voltage, high power pulse modulators, DC power supplies and control systems. Our products are used world wide in high power applications such as radar, high energy physics, defense, and food processing.
Diversified Technologies, Inc.Diversified Technologies, Inc. is the developer and marketer of the PowerMod™ line of high voltage, high power pulse modulators, DC power supplies and control systems. Our products are used world wide in high power applications such as radar, high energy physics, defense, and food processing.
Elcon Precision16Elcon Precision manufactures custom photochemically machined parts and metallized & resistive coated ceramics as well as brazed assemblies Photochemical machining materials include molybdenum, tungsten, copper, gold, beryllium, titanium, stainless steel, Inconel and others. Ceramic materials include alumina, beryllia, aluminum nitride, zirconia and others. We are ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certified.
Electron Energy Corporation8Electron Energy Corporation (EEC) is an expert developer and leading American producer of rare earth magnets with customers around the world. EEC magnets and assemblies are used in sophisticated, performance-critical components of advanced technology systems, such as traveling wave tubes (TWTs), klystrons, and magnetrons.
HeatWave Labs, Inc.5HeatWave Labs specializes in the vacuum tube and vacuum equipment industries. Our expertise includes thermionic cathodes and ion emitters and guns, Ion Sources and ionizers, Ion pumps and controllers, vacuum tube design, processing, specialized refractory materials, UHV sample heating and filament products, temperature controllers and related products.
Kurt J. Lesker Company20Global supplier of vacuum technology products including: vacuum and thin film deposition systems, thin film deposition materials, RF power supplies, high impulse power supplies, vacuum gauges, sputtering cathodes, electron beam and ion sources, and vacuum pumps and accessories. Also high quality sample heating, motion and manipulation devices from UHVD Design.
L3 Electron DevicesL3 Electron Devices is a leading supplier of innovative, high-power, high-performance TWTs, TWTAs, MPMs, IOTs, klystrons, magnetrons, and other vacuum devices for terrestrial, airborne, space uplink/downlink, medical, industrial, and scientific applications.
Metallized Ceramics and Braze Solutions, Inc19Metallization of Advanced Ceramic Materials, Brazing of Ceramic-to-Metal components
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation6Mitsubishi Electric's Klystrons and Gyrotrons have been applied to medical accelerators, research accelerators, industrial accelerators, industrial heating systems and radar systems since 1970s.
MPF Products, Inc9Manufacturing Precision Feedthrough Products - Expertly Engineered Ceramic to Metal Technology for over 20 years
Northrop Grumman Corporation
ScandiNova Systems AB3ScandiNova Systems AB is a leading manufacturer of Solid State Pulse Power Modulators for particle research accelerators, radiotherapy, X ray cargo scanning detection, E-beam sterilization, Pulsed Electric Field and various other pulsed power applications. Located in Uppsala Sweden, ScandiNova has system installations in North and South America, Asia, Australia as well as in Europe.
Sienna Technologies, Inc.,18Sienna Technologies is a vertically integrated manufacturer of high thermal conductivity aluminum nitride components for high power electronics and high power microwave applications. Our product line includes AlN substrates, insulators, and AlN based microwave absorbers. Sienna provides full machining, metallization and brazing services for AlN ceramics and AlN based microwave absorbers.
Spectra-Mat, Inc.11Spectra-Mat, Inc. (SMI) is a leading manufacturer of products for electron emission and controlled expansion thermal management material solutions for microelectronics. Spectra-Mat’s technology for dispenser cathodes contributed to the latest advancements of the modern microwave, linear accelerators and x-ray tubes industry.
SSLSSL is a leading provider of advanced spacecraft systems, with broad expertise to support commercial and government satellite operators and innovative space missions. As a Silicon Valley innovator for 60 years, SSL’s advanced product line includes state-of-the-art small satellites, and sophisticated robotics and autonomous solutions for remote operations. For more information, visit www.sslmda.com.
Tech-X Corporation10Tech-X creates high-performance computational software for simulation and design technology used in research and engineering. Tech-X excels in physics, engineering, applied mathematics, computer science, and software engineering. We engineer superior solvers to attack unique and difficult problems in the interaction of electromagnetics with complex materials.
Teledyne Wireless LLC & Teledyne Technologies Company
Toshiba Electron Tubes & Devices Co., Ltd.12Toshiba Electron Tubes & Devices Co.,Ltd (TETD) is a leading company of the RF sources for the scientific accelerator projects in the world. TETD provides pulsed high peak power klystrons and continuous wave klystrons with electromagnets, and PPM (Periodic Permanent Magnet) klystrons, multi beam klystrons for high efficiency. And also, TETD provides gyrotrons for ITER project.
Vacuum Process Engineering, Inc.15For more than 40 years VPE has established a reputation as an innovator and a reliable producer of mission-critical assemblies for customers across many organizations. We are at the vanguard of quality-oriented, technically advanced services and products: microchannel heat exchangers, bonding, brazing, and R&D work with nanoparticles.