Independent Learning Association Conference (ILAC) 2012

About the Independent Learning Association

The Independent Learning Association is an organisation for language practitioners and researchers working in or otherwise interested in independent language learning. Specific areas of interest include:

•    fostering Learner Autonomy through classroom practice
•    supporting Self-Directed Learning
•    providing Self-Access Language Learning facilities

•    Teacher Autonomy
The organisation aims to bring together professionals with similar interests to promote the exchange of ideas and to set up support networks and joint research projects. It aims to do this through:
  • its website:
  • an annual publication (with conference proceedings)
  • an active mailing list for and by practitioners
  • conferences
Previous Conferences

About the Logo

The logo for the Independent Learning Association 2012 Conference comprises two enduring symbols of Aotearoa/New Zealand.
The first is an image of a kiwi, a remarkable flightless native bird. The second is the spiral shape (koru) on the body of the kiwi. The koru is a Maori motif, based on the shape of the uncurling fern, which expresses the idea of eternal movement and embodies new life and regeneration. These are iconic emblems of New Zealand and its people and we have combined them with the symbol of the Independent Learning Association.