IAGT Workshop 2016 - Gas Turbine Contributions to Cleaner Energy Systems

The Industrial Application of Gas Turbines (IAGT) Committee, formed in 1973 with the support of the National Research Council of Canada, is a Technical Advisory Group to Canadian industry and government. The group is also supported by the Canadian Gas Association, providing a forum for communication of new technology developments related to the industrial application of gas turbines for pipeline compressors, combined cycle power, or various cogeneration and district energy systems.

The IAGT Committee is organizing this 2-day workshop to describe the continued potential for these types of cleaner distributed energy systems across Canada, with expanding linkages to renewables and bio-energy. Gas turbines in a wide range of sizes are fueled by a flexible combination of hydrogen-based natural gas, light oil or new bio-fuel opportunities, all of which provide heat to the high pressure airflow that provides the output power and thermal energy. Recent technology successes have led to many benefits, including very low air pollutant emissions, good system efficiency and low GHG emissions, high onsite reliability for communities, and support for local renewable energy production.

Wi-fi access will be available in meeting space.  Access “Sheraton Guest” and enter the password “sheraton”.

Presentations given at the Workshop will be available after the Workshop closes. Participants will receive an email with access information approximately one week post event.