Bioscience & eHealth
Ms Kerrie Noonan [More Info]
Founding Director
The Groundswell Project
Associate Professor Marcel Dinger [More Info]
Head of Centre fro Clinical Genetics
Garvan Institute, Sydney
Dr Michael Bainbridge [More Info]
Clinical Architect and Director
ASE Consulting Australia Pty. Ltd
Dr Murkesh Haikerwal AO [More Info]
World Medical Association
Mr Paul Wicks [More Info]
Director of Research and Development
Patients Like Me, USA
Mr Peter Williams [More Info]
Centre for the Edge
Pradeep Khanna [More Info]
Executive Director
Integrating Australia with Asia - Globalisaion, Digitisation and Services Intensification
Dr Terry Flynn [More Info]
Senior Research Fellow, Head of Social Policy & Economic Evaluation
CenSoC-Centre for the Study of Choice, UTS Business School