GO!2015 SIS & Amkai User Meeting

Learn a few fun facts about Atlanta, GA, home of the GO!2015 SIS & AmkaiSolutions User Meeting. 

1. Atlanta is host to numerous athletic events like gymnastics, basketball, and baseball. Other big sport events like the 1996 Olympics and 2000 Super Bowl were also hosted by the city. 

2. Check out the Varsity while you are in Atlanta! The famous Varsity Restaurant in Atlanta serves the highest amount of Coca-Cola in the world. The restaurant caters to nearly 3 million servings of Coca-Cola annually. Also they have the best onion rings offered in the city. 

3. With a passenger terminal that is equivalent to the size of more than 45 football fields, the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport still holds the title of ‘the world’s busiest airport’. 

4. Buckhead, one of Atlanta's most affluent neighborhoods and shopping mecca of the South, owes its unusual name to 19th Century local general store owner Henry Irby. Irby killed a large deer and prominently mounted the buck head on the wall of his establishment, a popular outpost for locals and travelers. The name stuck, despite efforts to change it in the late 1800s. 

5. The state capitol building in Atlanta is layered with 43 ounces of pure gold which was mined out from Dahlonega, Georgia. 

6. Atlanta is Georgia’s fifth capital. Savannah, Augusta, Louisville, and Milledgeville boasted the title earlier. 

7. Atlanta is represented by a symbol of the mythological Egyptian bird called the Phoenix. A historic fire incident that was deliberately set to destroy the city justifies the representation. Though the city was burnt, like the Phoenix it rose from the ashes to become an influential city. 

8. Why did Atlanta resident Margaret Mitchell write Gone with the Wind? Because an ankle injury kept her from walking and she was really, really bored. 

9. Atlanta is one of two cities in the world to be home to two Nobel Peace Prize winners: Martin Luther King Jr. & President Jimmy Carter. 

10. Do not forget to stop by the MLK center while you are at the GO!2015 user meeting. Atlanta is home to the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, the largest museum in the world solely dedicated to a famous civil rights leader.

Atlanta is an exciting city, find out more facts and enjoy all of Atlanta's attractions when you attend GO!2015.

See you in Atlanta!

The GO!2015 Team

Atlanta skyline photo credited to Chuck Koehler