Global Financial Summit 2016
Meet Our Sponsors for the Global Financial Summit 2016

The Financial Policy Council is a research think tank and educational institution that promotes sound public policy based on the principles of free enterprise and wealth creation as envisioned by the ideals of the American Founding Fathers.

The Council's goal is to ensure that America, the land of opportunity where freedom and prosperity have flourished, is not derailed by poorly formulated and reactive economic, fiscal and tax policy. In addition, its goal is to retain and reclaim America’s leading role in the global economic community.

The Financial Policy Council focus its efforts to:

EDUCATE – policy makers and the public to enable them to support and recognize sound policy with a clear understanding of the issues of concern to entrepreneurs, investors and the public..

INFORM – entrepreneurs, investors and the public of the role that they could play to ensure that their voices are heard by policy makers.

EMPOWER – entrepreneurs, investors and the public by creating a forum through which their voices can clearly be heard by and in Washington.

BRIDGE – the chasm between Washington, Wall Street and Main Street using sound, rational economic research and education.

It pursues its mission by performing timely and accurate research on key policy issues and effectively marketing these findings to key policy makers, the nation's news media, and the academic and policy communities at large.  

Governed by an accomplished Board of Directors; all with a wide and relevant range of backgrounds, the Financial Policy Council is an independent institution. FPC relies on the financial support of the general public—individuals, foundations, and corporations—for its income. The FPC does not accept government funds and does not perform contract work in keeping with its ideal of independence.


Diamond Sponsors

Texas E&P is a family-owned, independent oil and natural gas operator, with specialties in  developing new and existing oil fields. Combining proven science and technical knowledge, Texas E&P’s engineers and geologists work in areas with proven energy reserves and explore new developments. Texas E&P currently operates projects in Texas, Louisiana and New Mexico.


High Gravity Resources, LLC was formed to be an alternative outlet for Accredited Investors who are interested in Direct Energy Investments.  Our focus is to remain small and manage our resources effectively.  The company was founded in 2012 with the purpose of providing our partners a direct line to our industry partners.  By doing this, we have eliminated the multiple layers typically found between the investor and the geologist, offering our partners more ownership at reduced costs.  High Gravity Resources targets traditional oil plays in South Texas that have significant upside, even at current prices!  In fact, current oil prices give our partners more upside growth Potential than we have seen in 10 years.  We invite you to come by the High Gravity Booth and speak with us and meet industry partner and consulting geologist Harvey H. Howell.  Remember, Oil and Gas Exploration is Risky, but for those willing to take the Risk, The Rewards can be Great!


Swiss Infinity Global Investments GmbH
is an independent Swiss investment advisor focused on serving U.S. persons. Registered in Switzerland and the United States (U.S. SEC registered RIA) we provide personalized wealth management solutions for individual private clients and families. We regard our clients as partners and work together with them to build successful investment strategies and relationships for the long-term. Our mission is to help our clients to expand the scope of their strategy in order to address global changes and to protect and grow their wealth. As we work to help them realize their investment goals we hope that they might also realize peace of mind.


Preferred Platinum Sponsors

Bank Winter & Co. AG was established in 1892 and is one of the oldest private banks in Austria. Since its foundation, it has always been privately owned by one single family and fully independent. Bank Winter is a fully licensed bank and regulated under Austrian law. Bank Winter with its status of  Qualified Intermediary of the IRS is FATCA compliant and is very experienced in dealing with US clients. The bank has an extraordinarily strong level of capitalization, a very restrictive and conservative loan and investment policy and follows a very classical Private Banking business model. Bank Winter does not  offer any investment advice to US citizens but works together with renowned SEC licensed Investment Advisors and Asset Protection Lawyers and is able to deal with most oft the asset protection structures available in the world.

Driven by the demands and unique needs of affluent families, more change has occurred in the fiduciary industry in the past twenty years than has occurred in the previous two centuries. Embracing this change and harnessing the power of progressive trust planning tools,
Bridgeford Trust Company provides independent, collaborative, and third party fiduciary services for ultra high net worth families around the world. Leveraging cutting edge, modern trust laws such as decanting, asset protection, dynasty, and directed trusts, Bridgeford Trust represents a new and emerging wealth management service paradigm built around true independence, collaboration, and world-class capabilities.


Mr. Bennett focuses on extensive in-depth involvement in all aspects of asset preservation planning 
(international and domestic); international tax, estate and gift tax planning for resident alien, citizen and non -resident alien (NRA) estates and trusts, foreign trust planning, taxation of real estate matters; foreign investment and international business activities; offshore banking and mutual fund establishment; foreign trust planning for NRAs; international business corporation planning; and real estate matters.


Panama based Schweizerische Metallhandel S.A., better known as SMH Panama, helps individuals acquire physical ownership of rare strategic and industrial precious metals. Rare strategic metals are used in 90% of industries and 95% of products manufactured today. A few examples include modern land, sea, and air transportation, computers, cell phones, iPods, LCD monitors, lasers, jet engines, pills and medicines, ointments and creams, and even clothing. Demand for these metals is increasing while supplies are getting more difficult to secure.With their help, metals become a quick and easy tool for moving away from volatile capital markets and are a powerful hedge against inflation. They're the first company to bundle these metals in quantities appropriate for individual investors, as opposed to industrial quantities previously required. SMH offers different groups of metals, called baskets, focused on different industries, and individual strategic metals such as rhenium and dysprosium. In addition, they're proud to announce an exciting new concept in industrial physical gold ownership.Assets can be held in the name of an individual, company, or IRS compliant self directed IRAs. SMH metals are stored, allocated and segregated in bank level secure vaults in Panama or Switzerland.


Louis Petrossi has an excellent 35-year track record in the financial service industry helping people with the accumulation and the preservation of wealth. He is the founder and CEO of the
Wealth Research Institute, which provides research to help people make better investment decisions in our changing global economy. He also serves on the Board of Directors as a consultant to public and private emerging growth companies. Mr. Petrossi's charitable work includes founder and trustee of Kongming Charitable Foundation. He is editor of Forever Wealth newsletter, which helps people create never-ending wealth and economic freedom. Mr. Petrossi's experience in the financial sector includes service as a certified financial planner, broker-dealer principal, registered investment advisor, money manager, estate and tax planning consultant, producer and host of FNN Financial News Network Show; author of the book "The Richest Man in China" and numerous publications. Louis Petrossi is also a top rated speaker on Fox Business, and global investment conferences.

Platinum Sponsors

International Coin Alliance brings over 50 years of numismatic expertise and experience with tens of millions of dollars in collectible coin sales. Our goal is to help our customers improve and add value to their collections and portfolios in the most economical way possible. Please stop by our booth for a free original buffalo nickel and a chance to win a collection of the new Panda coins.

Investment Rarities Incorporated began business in the early 1970’s as a precious metals company. At that time there was little interest in gold or silver. Within a few years, the company's timing and advice proved to be accurate and a long period of dramatic growth ensued. We are now one of the dominant silver and gold companies in America.
IRI adheres to the principle of physical delivery (no leverage). In other words, what you buy, you receive or we store it in your name at Brinks. Service, quality and integrity underlie the company's operating philosophy. As a consequence, IRI has sold and delivered over three billion dollars in coins and bullion.

Capital risk is never at rest. Neither are we.

Today more than ever, capital risk presents a relentless challenge in a globally influenced marketplace. This is why managing that risk on behalf of our clients is a relentless pursuit here at the Investment Planning and Management Group of Raymond James (IPMG).

Leading the pursuit are Ron Miller and Martin Truax, the founders of our firm, who have been working together since 1973. Today, they use this experience and insight to help clients manage and preserve their wealth with portfolio management strategies that are carefully synchronized to a range of risk profiles – from conservative to aggressive – and with investment goals of income and/or growth in mind.


Simply Natural provides unique opportunities to investors specific to Tropical Agriculture. We allow our partners to diversify their portfolios through ownership of fully Turnkey Organic Farms. Simply Natural is truly a farm in a box. The plantation and crops are Certified USDA organic. The fruit trees produce for 60-80 years, providing an inter-generational investment opportunity. Simply Natural provides simple and transparent freehold ownership of land while managing all aspects of the land on a daily basis and paying an annual return on the sale of the Organic fruit. Depending on crop partners can earn an IRR over 25 years of 17.00%

Simply Natural focuses on planting the world’s most popular fruits. Our process of selecting future plantings is based on data supplied by the world’s top distributors. It’s very important to differentiate sustainable demand from a fad. We work closely with our market partners to project growth based on a variety of factors. These include global import/export statistics, price trends with retailers, and global planting reports. In addition to tracking demand we also focus on specialty varieties of fruits. We have partnered with some of the world’s top agriculture development minds to create the highest quality of each fruit that we plant. We limit the amount of production of each variety in order to maintain control of the supply of the specialty variety fruits produce. In the produce business, those who control the supply, control the price. This concept allows us to maintain maximum profit margins on our fruits.

Gold Sponsors

Caye International Bank Limited (CIBL) was granted an Unrestricted "A" Class International Banking License on September 29th, 2003 by the Central Bank of Belize and is regulated by the Central Bank of Belize which set the standards for liquidity and capital adequacy.

Banking with Caye International Bank provides stability, confidentiality and higher returns – the interest rates are significantly higher than in the USA. Reserve requirements in Belize are three times the reserve requirements in the United States and the Caye International Bank has liquidity about twice the Belize legal minimum. This gives great stability to the bank.


Voxox gives you the most complete, sophisticated, unified communications solution on the planet, powered by the most comprehensive service ever created. We have superlative span: our innovative VoIP and cloud communications solutions cover more channels, networks and devices than any other provider. We have a proprietary unified technology platform with IP telephony solutions that are perfect for any business at prices you won’t believe. And that means productivity and savings for you.

Founded in 2006 as Telcentris, Inc., Voxox is a leader in cloud communication services, innovating easier ways for people to control how they connect across their numerous communication networks and devices. The company’s applications enable users to control and manage their communications from one place, making it easier, less costly and more efficient to communicate than ever before. Our flagship app provides users with free peer-to-peer voice and video calls; cheap VoIP calling to landlines and mobiles; intelligent call routing/screening functionality; texting; multi-protocol instant messaging; social network aggregation; faxing; large file transfer and even real-time IM and text messaging language transcription between approximately 50 languages. And our IP-based business phone systems are second-to-none.

Businesses and consumers have too many disparate communication services and hopelessly scattered contacts. Voxox simplifies all this by integrating those services, contacts and conversations into one place!