Eventcamp Vancouver
Game App / Mobile Website Information

As you all know, we have a super-cool Event Camp Vancouver App available for download, as well as a mobile website for those who don’t use iPhones, iPads or iPods.

Please find below some important login information, tips and contact for any trouble shooting.

How do I download the app?

The iOS version can be downloaded by searching the App Store for "event camp vancouver", or you can go directly to this link:


The mobile website version doesn't need to be downloaded.  A user can follow along on any browser, whether it's on a phone, desktop computer or laptop:


How do I login?

  • Your username is:  first letter of first name + full last name -  For example, Missy Preston becomes 'mpreston'
  • Your password is goodcleanfun

The app itself does NOT have a forgot password function, hopefully you will remember your name!


How do we use "push notification" to send messages and announcements?


Push notification is available only for users who have iPhones, iPods or iPads and have already installed the iOS version on your device.  You will have to install the app, run it for the first time, and say "yes" when your device asks if you want to allow push notifications from the event camp app.  Only after doing all of the above can you get announcements!

It also not work with the mobile website.  There is no push notification capability for those users.

Secondly – push is "best-effort" delivery!  The message goes to Apple's server, and once it goes out we have no control over how long it takes.  In some cases it's instant, in some cases it's 30 min, in some cases longer.  If you need to get a message across with extreme urgency, supplement push with a verbal announcement or let one of the Camp Counselors know.

Still having troubles with the app?

We will be showing everyone how to use the technology on the first day of Camp, but after you will be able to access technical support through Quick Mobile. Please feel free to contact James.Hsu@quickmobile.com to troubleshoot your issues.

Get Your Green On at Event Camp Vancouver!

 “If just one passenger on each flight in the world this year packed one pound less of luggage, they would save enough fuel to fly a Boeing 737 around the world 474 times.”

-Delta Airlines Sky Magazine, March 2008

Our individual choices matter because when we do good things it adds up to a whole bunch of better for everyone. Have fun and help us make Event Camp Vancouver better by playing our Get Your Green On Game!

Object of the Game

Earn as many points as possible by performing different sustainable actions. The in-person and virtual attendee with the most individual points will each win prizes. The event goal is to reach 1000 acts of green across all attendees!

Who can play

Any participant registered at Event Camp Vancouver can play. This includes in-person and virtual attendees. Participation is not required but encouraged to get the most out of your experience!

How to play

  1. Download the Quickmobile event application from the Apple Store.
  2. Sign in using your registration username and password.
  3. Score points in three possible ways. You can view your score and total event acts of green by checking out the Leaderboard.
    1. Complete a Challenge. Challenges will be released to registrants starting Friday, November 4. They can be found in the Agenda section of the application as they are unlocked. We will notify you via email at regular intervals when new Challenges are released. You can also enable notifications in the Settings section of your installed event application to receive Challenges on your smart phone or iPad the moment they are active. To receive points for a Challenge simply hit “Yes” on the survey for each item you have successfully completed. If you did not complete the Challenge do not select anything. Challenges may be completed once after they are released and can be viewed in the Agenda section of the app at any time. Some Challenges call on you to share sustainability information through social media. If you do be sure to use the #ecv11 event hashtag. Be aware the same challenge might be released more than once during the event, so watch for multiple chances to score again!
    2. Spot and share a Random Act of Green. Event Camp organizers have made sustainable choices. Vancouver has a lot of green features as a city. For virtual attendees we’re sure you’ve got some good green things going on where you are, too. Look around you. What do you notice? Snap a photo of something sustainability-related and upload it to the event app Gallery. You’ll receive points for each Random Act of Green you add!
    3. Enter check-in codes. During Event Camp we will be sharing check-in codes at certain times. These are strings of numbers and letters that you can enter into the Check-in option in the Game. If you see or receive one select the Check-in option and type the code into the Game. Score!
  4. Although items are worth one point typically, organizers may assign bonus points for challenges that are particularly difficult or have a high positive impact. We also reserve the right to reward particularly cool Random Acts of Green a few extra points!

When to play

Scoring will be open at noon Pacific Time, Friday November 4, 2011. Scoring will close at 10:00am Pacific Time Sunday, November 6, 2011. Winners will be announced and prizes awarded during the sustainability session Sunday after 10:30am.

In the event of a tie…

We anticipate many of you will be gunning for top individual spot while you contribute to the collective goal. In the event of a possible tie individual prizes will be awarded by a random draw from among top scorers for the in-person and virtual event.

We all Win, Really!

Although Get Your Green On has competitive aspects, we all win by contributing to a collective goal of a more sustainable event through as many genuine acts of green as possible. Another win we will take away is the ability to analyse Game results to understand which actions are most popular and most impactful. So in addition to having fun, be aware your participation helps us better understand ‘green’ attendee behaviour patterns. We trust you to complete Challenges accurately so we can get good data we will share with Event Camp attendees to help us all design better events.


Get Your Green On is a collaborative project by Judy Kucharuk, Shawna McKinley and Quickmobile.