E-AHPBA 2019
Rules and regulations
General regulations
Exhibitors promoting (medical) products for human use must comply with the relevant regulations in the Netherlands and the European Union. Exhibition Management and the E-AHPBA 2019 Organizers do not accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever with respect to unauthorized or illegal promotional activities by exhibitors.
The E-AHPBA 2019 organizers reserve the right to demand removal of unauthorized or illegal promotional items in case exhibitors do not respect the relevant regulations.
Exhibitors must follow instructions by Exhibition Management at all times.
It is forbidden to undertake:
  • Any works that affect smoke ducts, water pipes, electrical or telephone circuits, water conduits of drain pipes, freight-lift, glass windows, heating equipment or any other part of the building.
  • Any drilling of holes in walls, ceilings or floors.
  • Any displacing of doors, fixing receiving aerial.
  • Any creating effects by pyrotechnical generators and loud explosions, explosions with sparks, flames or fumes.
  • Any other activities that may affect the normal functioning of the university's properties or cause damage to the same.
Any damage to the venue or other properties will be repaired at the exhibitor's expense.
All matters and issues not covered by this manual are at the discretion of Exhibition Management.
General instructions regarding safety installations
  • Respect the routes towards the different exits. The width of the passageways leading to the exits must be at least equal to the width of the corresponding exit.
  • Never hide or block an emergency exit. Never hide the safety lighting in the lounges or the lighting which indicates the direction of the exits or the luminous signs pointing out the exits.
  • Never hide electrical equipment boxes or other technical installations.
  • Electrical and mechanical apparatus must comply with local regulations. Exhibition Management is authorized to check the proper functioning of such apparatus.
  • Do not interfere with the smoke extraction systems by covering the fresh air vents situated in the lower part of the walls of the rooms.
  • Do not create installations exceeding 2.5 meters in height in order not to interfere with the proper functioning of the fire detection and automatic sprinkler system installations.
  • Leave all means of fire alarm and firefighting clearly visible and completely unobstructed.
  • In case of emergency or when first aid is needed, contact the the congress coordinators at the registration / information desk
  • Stands must not be cluttered with packaging and merchandise as this could constitute a fire risk.
Dangerous products
Compressed gas: Air, nitrogen and carbon dioxide are permitted. Other gases are strictly FORBIDDEN.
 Inflammable liquids: All inflammable liquid containers introduced into the stands must be empty (paint or varnish tins, bottles of perfume, aerosol sprays etc.).
The exhibition of motor vehicles is forbidden.
Radioactive products: Subject to authorisation.
Give-aways and selling
Customary descriptive product literature, documentation and small give-away items may be distributed from the booth. The nature of such literature/documentation/items needs to comply with the regulations for the promotion of medicinal products for human use in The Netherlands and the European Union.
Exhibition Management does not allow food/beverage service from the exhibitor's booth without prior permission. Please contact the Congress Secretariat for details.
Contests, lotteries, games of chance, market research activities (such as structured interviews) and selling of goods or services are not allowed.
Exhibitors must make provisions for safeguarding their goods, materials, equipment and display at all times. Small-sized valuable goods will be stored overnight in a safe place by Exhibition Management upon request. Contact Exhibition Management on-site for practical arrangements.
Since no security is available outside exhibition hours, we strongly recommend using the above-mentioned storage possibility.
Electrical and mechanical apparatus must comply with local regulations. Exhibition Management is authorized to check the proper functioning of such apparatus.
Violation of any of these regulations on the part of the exhibitor, his employees or agents shall nullify the right to occupy space, and such exhibitor shall forfeit to Exhibition Management and the E-AHPBA 2019 Organizers all monies that have been paid.
The E-AHPBA 2019 Organizers, Exhibition Management and Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam do not accept liability for any loss of, or damage to exhibitor's properties.
Exhibitors are advised to take out insurance through their own sources for loss of, or damage to properties, and injury to persons, resulting from the perils of fire, lightning, windstorm, smoke or any other occurrences.
The exhibitor shall at all times protect, indemnify, save and keep harmless the E-AHPBA 2019 Organizers, Exhibition Management and the Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam against and from any and all loss, cost, damage, liability, or expenses which arises out of or from or by no reason of any act or omission by the exhibitor, his employees or agents.