Conference on Climate Change Adaptation, Helsinki, Finland, 29-31 August 2012
Guidance for presenters
Oral presentations

The duration of oral presentations depends on the type of presentation and session. Unless indicated otherwise by the session Chair, the duration should not exceed:

Chair introductions: 5 minutes

Keynote presentations: 20 minutes

Session presentations: 15 minutes

Panel presentations: 5 minutes

If presenters wish to use computer-based presentations, please note that standard PCs running Windows 7 / Vista will be utilized.

check the room in which the session where you are presenting will take place (plenary sessions are in the main auditorium) and bring your presentation with you on an USB stick to the session at least 5 minutes in advance of the start time. Please make sure that the electronic file of your presentation has been loaded onto the relevant computer ahead of the session.

It is not necessary to submit an electronic version of your presentation in advance of the Conference. However, the organisers would like to post all electronic presentations as downloadable PDF files at the Conference website following the Conference. A request for permission to do so will be sent out after the Conference, and nothing will be posted without such an endorsement.

Poster presentations

Posters can be mounted in the Poster area (Areena) from 9:00 on 29 August and must be taken down at latest by 18:00 on 30 August. Push pins will be provided and each poster will have a designated numerical location, indicated on a prominent plan in the Areena. Note that there will be overnight storage facilities available for posters on 30 August so that these do not have to be transported to the Conference Dinner. The Poster Session will take place at 14:45 on Thursday 30 August, at which time designated poster presenters should be present alongside their posters. A special sub-committee has been formed to adjudicate on a "Best Poster" award, which will be announced at the Closing Plenary session.

Posters should not exceed A0 size, 841 x 1189 mm.

It is not necessary to submit an electronic version of the poster ahead of the Conference. However, the organisers would like to offer a downloadable PDF version of each poster at the Conference website after the Conference has ended. Presenters will be contacted to request the PDF file along with permission to post it at the website.

Computer demonstrations

There is also a limited capacity for computer demonstrations during the poster session, including wireless facilities for online demonstrations using your own laptop computers. Tables will be provided, but not additional projection facilities. If you wish to offer a computer demonstration, please contact Nina Pirttioja stating your justification for the demonstration. Applications will be judged by the Scientific Committee on a case by case basis. Presenters will be contacted after the Conference requesting their consent to post a link to the computer-based tool used in the demonstration at the Conference website.