CalyxVision 18

We are excited to welcome our 2018 speakers! Don't miss this opportunity to learn from their outstanding expertise as they grace the stage at CalyxVision.

Keynote: Brent Gleeson, Navy SEAL Combat Veteran & Motivational Speaker

Brent Gleeson is a Navy SEAL combat veteran with multiple tours to Iraq and Africa. Upon leaving SEAL Team 5, Brent turned his discipline and battlefield lessons to the world of business and has become an accomplished entrepreneur, writer, and acclaimed speaker on topics ranging from leadership and building high performance teams to entrepreneurship and marketing. You can learn more about his leadership philosophies in his weekly columns on and

He has also starred in several reality shows including NBC’s Stars Earn Stripes where he and Chris Kyle of America Sniper along with other special operations professionals were paired with celebrities to compete and raise money for charities like Wounded Warrior Project.

With degrees in finance and economics from Southern Methodist University, English and History from Oxford University in England and an MBA from University of San Diego, Gleeson’s extensive experience is both academic and real-world in nature. Gleeson has won awards for business leadership and was named one of the “Top 10 CEOs” in Entrepreneur Magazine’s October 2013 issue for his exemplary approach to building high-performance teams in business.

Brent is on the executive board of the Naval Special Warfare Family Foundation and his family is an Ambassador Family for March of Dimes. He is married with three wonderful children.

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Keynote: Jason Dorsey, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Jason Dorsey is the leading Millennials and Gen Z researcher and speaker. He has been featured on 60 Minutes, 20/20, The Today Show, and over 100 more TV interviews. His passion is solving tough generational challenges for organizations and leaders.

Acclaimed Speaker
Jason has received over 1,000 standing ovations from audiences as large as 16,000. He brings a new approach to generations based on his breakthrough research. He’s funny, too. Just ask his mom.

A key takeaway: Generations are not a box, but powerful clues that drive measurable results. More sales. Better leaders. Faster innovation.

Best-selling Author
Jason wrote this first bestselling book at age 18. His newest bestseller is Y-Size Your Business which solves the biggest challenges within a multi-generational workforce.

Millennials Researcher
Jason is Chief Strategy Officer at The Center for Generational Kinetics. He leads research for companies a
nd organizations around the world. The diversity of his clients allows him to uncover trends early so you stay ahead of the curve.

Proven Results
Jason won the Austin Under 40 Entrepreneur of the Year Award at age 25—one of the youngest winners ever. He now serves as a board member for venture-backed and emerging technology companies.

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Emcee and Man on the Street

Introductions to the stage will be by emcee, David Ahearn of the highly-acclaimed Four Day Weekend® comedy troupe. David Ahearn started his career performing stand-up comedy at clubs across the country. He has appeared at premier venues in Los Angeles, including The Laugh Factory, The Improv and The Comedy Store. In 1997, he co-founded and has been the continual host of Four Day Weekend, the longest-running show in the southwest.

In 2011, Four Day Weekend was awarded the key to the city of Fort Worth, Texas, by Mayor Mike Moncrief for being "The city's greatest ambassadors." That same year, Ahearn and the troupe delivered a keynote address at the Democratic Issues Conference for The United States Congress. In attendance were President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. Ahearn and Four Day Weekend authored the Art of Improvizen and recently published their new best seller, Happy Accidents: Transformative Power of "Yes, And" at Work and in Life. Ahearn is traveling around the world developing his new book principles of showing how to harness the power within you to be the driving force behind a new outlook, "Yes And"... mindset. Both books are available at

Ahearn has performed more than 5,000 live shows with Four Day Weekend. He travels the world performing both Four Day Weekend's live shows and hosting events for Fortune 500 companies.

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