A Critique of Power and Internalized Oppression 2022

Anti-Racism Task Force Cultural Competency Forum Presents Zoom Webinar

Training Event: A Critique of Power and Internalized Oppression: Applications for Churches

This training provides a critical look into the nature and uses of power and how the ways in which  power is used in group and organizational settings can lead to psychological and emotional distress in affected persons.This session will also discuss the nature and impact of internalized oppression, who it affects and how its effects are manifested in group and organizational settings. The session will offer methods for exercising power in ways that removes internalized oppression and provides emotional and psychological healing for affected persons.

Participation is free of charge to Wisconsin Conference clergy and laity.

When:  Saturday, April 23, 2022, 10:00 am to noon

Where: via ZOOM

Persons who register but are unable to attend the ZOOM training will be provided access to a recording of the event to facilitate their participation.

Past and future Cultural Competency Forum Presentations

Bridging the Gap: A training on Internalized Oppression and Cultural Competency, held September 10-11, 2021, at Pine Lake Camp

Module 1: Background and Foundational Concepts.

Session 1:  Becoming a Culturally Competent Congregation                                          Held October 2021

Session 2:  Reducing Bias and Prejudice in Congregations                                           Held November 2021

Session 3: Reconciled Churches                                                                                    Held January 2022

Module 2: Power, Internalized Oppression and Cultural Competency                            Held February 25 & 26 2022

Session 1: Exploring Cultures                                                                                          Held March 26, 2022

Session 2: A Critique of Power and Internalized Oppression                                    April 23, 2022

Session 3:  Multicultural Congregations: A Model for Application                           May 23, 2022


Cultural Competency Training                                                                                      June 13, 2022

Monday Learning Day will be called, Cultural Competency Training. This year we are offering a morning and afternoon session, In-person or Online via Zoom. Please register and invite your congregations to register for this FREE Monday event. In-person will be at the KI Convention Center, Green Bay, WI. Register here: https://na.eventscloud.com/wac2022hybrid, Choose: Others (Staff, Guests, Cultural Competency Training Only)  

Presenters: Lamarr V Gibson, Grace Cajiuat, Afi Dobbins


The training will discuss the following topics:

  • How prejudice, bias and group favoritism lead to discrimination, exclusion, and marginalization among persons of various ethnicities, orientations and abilities in the Wisconsin Annual Conference and its church congregations.
  • How prejudice, bias and unequal uses of power can lead to harmful emotional and psychological consequences and potential remedies.
  • Cultural Competency practices to reduce prejudice and bias and the potential for unequal uses of power in church congregations
  • Models for application in church congregations

Morning Session

      Prejudice, bias, and group favoritism

      Power and internalized oppression

Afternoon Session

      Cultural Competency

      Models for application

For the Summer and Fall, the Cultural Competency Forum will provide a platform for a continuing dialogue on cross cultural matters. Some topics include; Community Development and Organization Awareness, Skills, Knowledge, and Attitudes for Cultural Competency

Please e-mail or text your comments and questions to Lamarr V Gibson:

Phone: (608) 509-6832