4th International Symposium on Hepatitis Care in Substance Users
Welcome to the online exhibition manual for the 4th International Symposium on Hepatitis Care in Substance Users 2015 (INHSU). Please ensure you view each section of the exhibition manual to ensure smooth logistics during the lead up to and during the Conferences. Please ensure all items are complete by Friday 26 June 2015.

Download the exhibition manual here.

There are items that need to be uploaded. To access the upload section of this manual please set up one user name and password per organisation HERE, an automated email will be sent to you once the set-up is complete. Next step is to access the upload centre HERE.

Items you will need to confirm and/or upload in the online exhibition manual are:

- Public liability insurance
- Terms and conditions
- Onsite contact form
- Company logo
- Company 50 word write up

Please note that sponsors will not be granted entry to the Exhibition Hall without provision of a current public liability insurance certificate, signed terms and conditions, onsite contact form and full payment for your participation.

Please extend your public liability to cover your display and upload a certificate of currency or the front cover of your Policy or a signed copy of the Indemnity Form in PDF format by Friday 26 June 2015

Please ensure you read through all the pages of the manual. If you have any questions please contact us directly.

Conference Secretariat
ASHM Conference & Events Division
Phone: +61 2 8204 0770