4th International Symposium on Hepatitis Care in Substance Users
INHSU 2015 Highlights via Conference Connect

We are excited to announce that highlights for The 4th International Symposium on Hepatitis Care in Substance User (INHSU) are now available via Conference Connect for delegates and non-delegates.

Highlights from the sessions include:

- IFN-free therapy for HCV infection: in search of perfectovir

- Interventions to enhance treatment and adherence to IFN-free HCV therapy among PWID
- Barriers to HCV Screening, diagnosis and assessment: a community perspective
- The change project: International stories of PWID with HCV who have received interferon-free treatment
- Access and implementation of IFN-free therapy: where to from here for low and middle income countries

Options to access your Conference Highlights:

1. For International delegates or ANZ Non- HCPs (for access to INHSU only) click on the link below:

2. For ANZ HCPs (for access to INHSU, EASL 2015, AASLD 2014) click on the link below: http://conferenceconnect.tv/register

You will need to register and select the Conference you wish to access then go to the tab at the top called conferences to then view the content from the various meetings. Once registered, you will receive email updates to let you know when future appropriate meetings become available.

3. For access on your Smart Device via the myINTERACT App:

If you download the content via the App you will also have access to additional content offline and some selected videos offline. 

Sharing the highlights from INHSU:

Now, there is an easy and quick way to share the important findings from INHSU 2015. Let your colleagues know they can also register for access to the highlights by forwarding the link to this website.

Full details can be found on the Conference website or contact Conference Connect at info@conferenceconnect.tv