Re:Think 2014
Erwin Ephron Award

Erwin Ephron Demystification Award


The ARF exists to advance the state of the art of advertising, marketing and media research. Communication is an essential part of fostering advancements. A great communicator and industry guru, Erwin Ephron, died recently. He exemplified an ideal in wisdom and in effective communication of his insights about advertising and media. To memorialize and encourage those types of contributions going forward, The ARF is establishing The Demystification Award in his memory.


The award will be based on an individual’s demonstrated good sense, sound judgment about the business, and communication ability. He or she excels in one or more of the following practices:
  • Challenges conventional thinking
  • Motivates forward conceptualizing
  • Promotes proactive debate and creative ideas
  • Translates ideas into action
  • Instills thoughtful understanding through clear articulation in public speaking and in writing
  • Embraces analytics and/or technology that address the complexities of modern markets
  • Inspires communication that speaks to CEOs and CFOs
  • Encourages collegiality


Nominations may be made by anyone. To be eligible, a nominee must have a minimum of 10 years experience in the business. The deadline for 2014 nominations will be April 28.

The award will be officially announced at the Re:Think 2014 conference, and the first award will be given at the 2014 Audience Measurement conference, June 9–10, 2014. Succeeding awards will be given annually at the Re:Think conference (or a comparable setting) in the spring of each year. Nominations for a given year must be made prior to January 1 of that year. Consideration of the nominees will be based on the breadth and depth of achievements on the criteria specified.An initial award committee of five persons shall be specified. At least three of the five will be members of the ARF Board of Directors. The winner each year will be added to the committee for a term of two years.

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