GOMACTech 2024 Exhibition
2024 GOMACTech Exhibitor Directory
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3D Glass Solutions, Inc.3D Glass Solutions, Inc. (3DGS) is a leading ,anufacturer of high performance, 3D RF passives and photonic devices. Learn how we are transforming design methodologies for high-speed communications and data transfer technologies that enable smaller footprints, higher performance and longer battery life.618
AARD Technology LLCAARD Technology is the North American representative for scia Systems GmbH, a manufacturer of ion beam and plasma process equipment for coating, etching, and finishing in microelectronics, MEMS, and optics industries.110
AdTech Ceramics607
Akoustis, Inc.Akoustis is an RF filter solutions company that is pioneering next-generation materials science to address defense, industrial, Wi-Fi AP, telecom, and other markets, targeting high-power, high-frequency, and ultra-wideband solutions. The Company utilizes its proprietary XBAW® technology to address the industry’s toughest challenges and deliver best-in-class performance at frequencies 30 MHz to 20 GHz. GDSI, a Company of Akoustis, caters to customers’ advanced wafer processing needs with their expertise and reputation as a trusted and comprehensive supplier. GDSI’s services include wafer dicing, pick & place, and back grinding & polishing.206
AmTECH MicroelectronicsAmTECH Microelectronics was established over 30-years ago by a core team of Silicon Valley professionals. The team’s roots coming from design for manufacturing and process development of Hybrid Circuits, Multi-Chip Modules (MCM), 2.5D & 3D Heterogeneous Assembly, Chip-On-Board (COB), Chip-On-Flex (COF), PCBA and RF Assembly. AmTECH processes include, flip chip C4 & TCB, die attach, wire bonding, ribbon bonding, dispense & encapsulation, and Surface Mount Technology (SMT).718
Analog DevicesAnalog Devices, Inc. (ADI) is a trusted technology partner providing comprehensive full RF to Bits solutions and capabilities to support defense innovation. From advanced sensing to flexible edge processing, from components and boards to specially packaged SiPs and system modules, ADI’s transformative signal chain solutions accelerate modernization and warfighter readiness. ADI provides semiconductor and RF subsystem solutions that are trusted, secure, and resilient, enabling our customers and government research and engineering centers to meet the stringent quality metrics for the aerospace and defense industry.409
Andes Technology Corp.304
AnsysFor more than 50 years, Ansys software has enabled innovators across industries to push boundaries with the predictive power of simulation. From sustainable transportation and advanced semiconductors, to satellite systems and life-saving medical devices, the next great leaps in human advancement will be powered by Ansys.504
Astronics Test SystemsAstronics Test Systems provides test solutions for mission critical industries where failure of electronic systems is not an option. We provide test solutions for Land Mobile and tactical radio communications, mass transit, military and aerospace electronics and many other market segments.213
Avalanche TechnologyThe Next Generation MRAM Company Avalanche Technology Inc., headquartered in Fremont, California is the leader in next generation Spin Transfer Torque Magnetic RAM (STT-MRAM) technology, accepted as the front runner to replace traditional Flash, SRAM, and DRAM for unified architecture support in aerospace and defense, industrial, storage and other high reliability applications. Backed by more than 300+ patents granted around cell, circuit and system design innovation leveraging MRAM, this revolutionary non-volatile memory employs novel perpendicular magnetic tunnel junction (pMTJ) cell structures manufactured on 300mm standard CMOS processes. The resulting discrete and embedded products in production today are designed with standard serial and parallel interfaces and offer unprecedented density, endurance, reliability and low power with the persistence and inherent immunity of MRAM technology, making Avalanche a true “Next Generation MRAM Company.405
BAE SystemsAt BAE Systems, our dedication and commitment show in everything we create and deliver—from advanced electronic systems to cyber operations and intelligence analysis, from combat vehicles to naval weapons, and from ship maintenance and modernization to vehicle upgrades and services. We push the edge with the technologies we create and the services we deliver to provide a critical advantage to our customers where it counts.513
BattelleBattelle provides focused expertise and advanced R&D to establish root-of-trust verification to secure our nation's most critical systems. Using our unparalleled expertise and advanced laboratory capabilities, we have developed state-of-the-art trust and assurance tools and techniques to secure military and civilian microelectronics.408
BRIDGBRIDG is a Florida-based, not-for-profit, public-private partnership focused on developing and commercializing advanced technologies including digital, RF, and photonics interposers united with packaging capabilities. As the Advanced Packaging Hub and Design Center supporting U.S. government and industry applications, BRIDG serves as a catalyst for driving the microelectronics systems industry forward through collaborative partnerships, knowledge exchange, product manufacturing, and responsible innovation key to national security and domestic self-sufficiency. Located at NeoCity in Osceola County, BRIDG is centrally located 20 minutes from Orlando International Airport and within a mile of Florida’s Turnpike.614
CAST IncCAST develops, sells, and supports digital Silicon IP cores for ASICs or FPGAs. Founded in 1993, CAST is the longest-running—and most experienced—independent IP supplier. IP from CAST ranges from leading-edge technology through traditional and standards-based functions. The IP cores are available in synthesizable RTL for ASICs or as netlists targeting popular FPGAs and structured ASICs. Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, CAST uniquely offers system designers the CAST IP Experience: -Excellent IP products, developed by CAST engineers or close partners who excel in their application domains; -Unmatched technical support before and after each sale from a highly experienced IP sales and engineering team, including the actual IP developers; and -Flexible licensing to fit each project's requirements. Learn more about CAST's diverse product line at https://www.cast-inc.com/all-products105
Central SemiconductorSince 1974, Central Semiconductor has manufactured innovative discrete semiconductor solutions used in end products worldwide. Products include standard and custom small signal transistors, bipolar power transistors, MOSFETs, diodes, rectifiers, protection devices, current limiting diodes, bridge rectifiers, and thyristors. Devices are available in industry standard surface mount and through-hole packages, MDMs (Multi Discrete Modules™), and as bare die. Silicon Carbide die also available. Standard devices can be up-screened to meet various high reliability equivalent standards and customer-specified requirements. Diminishing source products are also available. Central has earned a reputation as a trusted manufacturer of the highest quality products, consistently delivered on time, and professionally serviced.407
Certus SemiconductorWe have assembled several of the world’s foremost experts in IO and ESD design to offer our clients the ability to affordably tailor their IO libraries to the optimal fit for their products. We work directly with you - that means we will meet with your architects, circuit & layout designers and reliability engineers to ensure that our IO and ESD solutions provide the most efficient and competitive solutions for your market space.319
Checkpoint Technologies100
CoolCAD ElectronicsCoolCAD Electronics designs and fabricates wide bandgap silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductor transistors and integrated circuits (ICs) for applications in Power Electronics, Green Energy, High-Temperature Electronics and Deep Ultraviolet (UV) Optical Electronics. SiC-based semiconductor devices significantly outperform traditional Si (silicon) devices and are a major driver in the transition from an outdated fossil fuel energy infrastructure to a more sustainable infrastructure based on renewable energy technologies. CoolCAD SiC semiconductor devices operate at temperatures up to and beyond 400°C, that’s significantly above the 200°C capabilities of ordinary silicon-based chips. Our team of scientists and engineers have developed proprietary SiC formulations and manufacturing processes for achieving superior performance with high temperature tolerance. CoolCAD SiC transistors and ICs are revolutionizing the electronics industry, enabling higher voltage and power applications while reducing system size and weight. Our Deep Ultraviolet SiC-based optical electronics for UV sensing and imaging function in broad daylight without the need of a special filter required by traditional silicon-based optical sensors.512
CycuityCycuity is a cybersecurity company that is transforming the way we secure silicon with comprehensive hardware security assurance. Cycuity provides efficient and scalable security verification throughout the entire lifecycle of semiconductor chip development, so organizations can detect and mitigate hardware vulnerabilities before manufacturing. Our Radix technology enables rigorous hardware security assurance for all silicon devices, helping companies that build or rely on semiconductors achieve security signoff faster and reduce risk. To learn more, please visit us at cycuity.com.309
Defense Technical Information CenterDefense Technical Information Center218
DeUVe PhotonicsDeUVe Photonics specializes in semiconductor lasers that cover the spectral region from 230nm – 400nm, 450nm – 550nm, and 900nm – 1100nm. DeUVe is also a leader in the development of laser-based NV diamond magnetometers. Using our patented, “wavelength and beam on demand” technology, DeUVe is able to offer custom laser solutions that do not currently exist in the market.517
DMEA TAPOMilitary714
EndoSec LLCEndoSec is a Veteran- owned small business and our employees are US citizens with security clearances. EndoSec LLC specializes in cryptographic solutions for hardware (ASIC and FPGA) and software. EndoSec is the authorized US government/DoD channel for Intrinsic ID. EndoSec’s developed products include trusted and hardened NIST/NSA Suite B/CNSA cores, Post-Quantum, Inline Memory Encryption and Secure Boot. EndoSec’s technical areas of expertise: • Cryptographic Products and Services • Anti-Tamper (AT) Products and Services • Post-Quantum Cryptosystems • Intrinsic ID Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) EndoSec is the designated Government, Aerospace and Defense (A&D) reseller for Intrinsic ID. This provides government and DoD programs the ability to work with a US cleared organization to deploy the Intrinsic ID PUF and provide integration and value-added services. EndoSec Cryptographic Products and Services: EndoSec specializes in creating robust implementations of cryptographic algorithms which are resistant to advanced attacks. EndoSec Encryption products : • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) – NIST Certified • Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman (ECDH) • Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) • Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) – NIST Certified • Inline Memory Encryption (IME) Our NIST/NSA Suite B/CNSA algorithms are available as standard cores, high speed variants, or 'secured'. Cores can be optimized for specific applications. EndoSec also offers post-quantum cryptosystems and expertise. Intrinsic ID (IID) Physical Unclonable Function (PUF): Intrinsic ID’s technology has been deployed in the most challenging and harshest environments and remained fully operational. Additionally, IID IP has undergone rigorous and extensive security vulnerability and reliability assessment by U.S. and European defense contractors and government agencies.416
ENGIN-IC, Inc.ENGIN-IC offers and develops advanced microwave and mm-wave modules and integrated circuits for military and space programs.800
Evatec NA506
Extreme Waves403
FINETECHFinetech supplies sub-micron accuracy die bonders for die attach, advanced packaging and micro assembly applications. Manual, motorized and automated models provide a prototype to production pathway. High process flexibility within one platform allows a wide range of bonding technologies: thermo-compression, ultrasonic, eutectic, epoxy, sintering, ACF/ACP, Indium and precision vacuum die bonding. Applications areas cover optical packages, sensors, Si photonics, microLEDs, Cu pillar, flip chip, chip-on-glass, chip-on-flex, MCM, MEMs and more. Finetech also provides precision dispensers and advanced rework systems for today's challenging applications. The deep process knowledge we have gained through decades of experience adds value to our equipment. Our engineers work with customers to create effective solutions for specific applications - they understand that "one size" does not necessarily fit all.808
Flex Logix Inc.Flex Logix provides Reconfigurable Computing HW and SW for eFPGA, DSP and AI for multiple USA Fabs. Silicon proven in over 20 chips with software in use >5 years.300
FrontgradeFrontgrade pioneers the future and underpins many of the world’s most critical missions. Our radhard microelectronics empower the world’s leading spacecraft: from leading high throughput commercial communications satellites, earth observation satellites, and manned space, to high priority national security missions, deep space exploration to Mars and beyond, and the latest new space constellations. Our RF transmission and antenna solutions enable space signal transmission, search & surveillance, satellite communications, missile defense radars, missile seekers, electronic warfare systems that keep warfighters safe, and civil aviation radars that ensure the safety of the flying public. Our highly complex motion control products enable satellite solar panel actuation, Mars Rover actuation, and optical steering. Our power management solutions convert and distribute power in the harshest of environments.401
Graf Research CorporationOur mission is to perform research, provide services, apply analytics, and create products that enable secure and high-performance embedded and adaptive computing solutions.719
HRL Laboratories, LLCHRL is a state-of-the-arts research lab in Malibu, California that specializes in a wide variety of technology in realizing groundbreaking advances in ultra-high-performance circuitry, robust computing and communications, automated data extraction, and innovative architected materials. With an in-house Foundry, HRL offers industry leading 40 nm gate-length T3 GaN services through MPW (Multi-Project Wafer) and Dedicated Wafer runs.113
IBMThe IBM Consulting, Marquesas Program, utilizing decades of tradecraft expertise, in the realms of semiconductor manufacturing, Trusted and Assured DoD semiconductor supply chain enablement and classified Information Systems Semiconductor Design and Release solution architecture. IBM continues to provide critical mission support and guidance to the DoD, it’s program offices and our collaborative partners, on both current needs and future technologies as part of the bridge from Trusted Foundry to the new Trusted and Assured space encompassing Quantifiable Assurance. We pride ourselves on defining the necessary support and operational needs of both products and systems through the entire product lifecycle by synthesizing information assurance techniques, accredited infrastructures and deeply integrated OPSEC planning to embed into commercial manufacturing flows, enable near commercial speeds and near commercial turnaround times on defense related articles. We maintain world class, secure, HPC equipment as well as facilities under the DCSA 32CFR Part117 (NISPOM) and Risk Management Framework (RMF).812
Idaho ScientificIdaho Scientific solutions establish a secure and trusted environment at the lowest level of computer hardware to enable a safe and solid foundation for complex and connected systems. Our internal and government-sponsored research solves the hardest root cause problems in anti-tamper and cybersecurity at the microelectronics level. Idaho Scientific renders computing architectures immune to attack so that integrators have trusted and secure hardware by design. Idaho Scientific offers custom security engineering services to meet any or all security requirements for federal programs. Our unique applied knowledge of offensive physical and virtual attacks allows us to provide solutions tailored to meet the operational objective.212
IEEE Computer SocietyEngaging computer engineers, scientists, academia, and industry professionals from all areas of computing, the IEEE Computer Society (CS) sets the standard for the education and engagement that fuels continued global technological advancement. Through conferences, publications, and programs, and by bringing together computer science and engineering leaders at every phase of their career for dialogue, debate, and collaboration, IEEE CS empowers, shapes, and guides the future of not only its members, but the greater industry, enabling new opportunities to better serve our world.314
Indiana Integrated Circuits, LLC516
Infineon TechnologiesInfineon Technologies AG is a world leader in semiconductor solutions that make life easier, safer and greener. Our unique portfolio of high-reliability and radiation-hardened memory, power and RF solutions for extreme conditions includes: • Secure, rad hard and high reliability memories • High reliability and rad hard power electronics • RF microwave transistors and diodes • Custom HiRel solutions including COTS+ upscreening, die and wafer sales, longevity programs and RF foundry services109
Instec, Inc.Instec manufactures thermally and environmentally controlled chambers with optical access and electrical probing. These can be modified to work with any optical measurement system or any electrical measurement technique including FTIR, Raman, RF microwave probing, device characterization, and ultra-high or cryogenic temperature testing. Fully custom solutions leverage over 40 years of instrument design experience to produce purpose-built equipment that elevates research or analysis to the next level.107
Integra Technologies Inc.Integra Technologies is a global leader in the sourcing, packaging, testing and characterization of highly specialized, mission-critical semiconductor components and related value-added services for high-reliability (“Hi-Rel”) applications where dependability and failure-free performance are of paramount importance. Integra provides a span of in-house services and capabilities to support a broad variety of Hi-Rel components throughout the entire value-added life-cycle - from prototyping, through testing, and ultimately to volume production. More specifically, Integra specializes in semiconductor die prep, packaging, assembly, test, reliability qualification, DPA and FA service for high-reliability applications. Find out more at: https://www.integra-tech.com418
Intrinsic ID305
Intrinsix Corp.Intrinsix Corp. offers IC Design Services and Intellectual Property for advanced electronics. The company leverages its experience with commercial semiconductor companies (complex processor-based digital, mixed signal or RF designs at advanced nodes) into unique solutions for emerging DoD applications. The company, a wholly owned subsidiary of CEVA, Inc. (a US-headquartered top supplier of sensor and connectivity IP), has over 65 employees in the business unit and is based in the U.S. – accredited, trusted, and focused since 1986.900
JEOL USA, Inc.201
JSTF - Jazz Semicnductor Trusted FoundryJSTF (a DMEA Accredited company) was created to provide Trusted and ITAR access to all Tower Semiconductor Newport Beach technologies for mil/aero and intelligence communities. Available Tower/Jazz Semi technologies range from 130nm high-speed SiGe and CMOS to 0.5um CMOS and support applications ranging from ROICs to mmWave. ITAR runs in Japan for 45nm and 65nm technologies are available. 18021 Cowan, Suite J, Irvine, CA 92614 949-361-3519316
Kansas City National Security Campuscontractor to government716
Keyence Corporation of America412
Keysight TechnologiesKeysight provides the world’s most advanced, best-in-class electronic test & measurement products. The same world-class technology and engineering enabling these products can also be leveraged into your solution. Visit our booth and see how our high frequency MMICs, and other technologies can work for you!505
Knowles Precision Devices713
LOCH TechnologiesLOCH is a global leader in next-generation wireless threat monitoring. The company provides actionable intelligence on all 5G cellular and wireless IoT devices to help organizations improve their security posture, reduce risk, and manage wireless data usage across the enterprise.803
Marvell Government SolutionsMarvell Government Solutions (MGS) is a DMEA-accredited fabless semiconductor company, focused on advanced solutions for the Aerospace and Defense market. MGS is a bridge for the Defense Industrial Base to access true commercial leading-edge technologies and expertise in an environment with multiple layers of security. MGS collaborates with their customers to create bespoke silicon, truly innovative packaging solutions, and access to vetted internally-developed and third-party IP. The parent company of MGS – Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. – is headquartered in the US and one of the top fabless semiconductor companies in the world. Marvell’s mission is to develop and deliver semiconductor solutions that move, store, process and secure the world’s data faster and more reliably than anyone else. Marvell provides optimized silicon to serve the needs of the Datacenter, 5G Carrier, Enterprise, and Automotive markets. Marvell features a complete portfolio of standard products to service every level of data infrastructure.616
Menta eFPGA Inc.Menta eFPGA Inc. is the worldwide leader of disruptive reprogrammable eFPGA IPs for ASICs and SoCs designers who need power efficient and right-the-first time design for quick volume production. The company introduced the world’s first 100% Standard Cell eFPGA IP in 2015 and has been providing the only eFPGA Soft IP available today in the market since 2021 to its customers. Menta’s eFPGA IP technology has been licensed to Trusted Semiconductor Solutions to deliver the best system designs on any CMOS process technology. The resulting eFPGA IP solution, production proven, is highly efficient, adaptive, and incorporates optional embedded custom blocks, memory, and adaptable DSPs. The design adaptive eFPGA IP is available as a Soft RTL IP or as a Hard GDSII IP, in rad-hard or non rad-hard version. Menta eFPGA Inc. products allow integrated circuits to be reconfigured at will, post-production. For more information about our products and services, visit www.menta-efpga.com413
Mercury SystemsMercury Systems is a technology company that pushes processing power to the tactical edge, making the latest commercial technologies profoundly more accessible for today’s most challenging aerospace and defense missions. From silicon to system scale, Mercury enables customers to accelerate innovation and turn data into decision superiority.606
MetamagneticsBoiler for Job descriptions Metamagnetics is U.S based and a veteran owned company that innovates and markets advanced RF and microwave solutions to enhance the performance and effectiveness of mission-critical security, surveillance and communication systems.500
Microchip Technology Inc.Microchip Technology Inc. is a leading provider of smart, connected and secure embedded control solutions. Its easy-to-use development tools and comprehensive product portfolio enable customers to create optimal designs which reduce risk while lowering total system cost and time to market. The company’s solutions serve more than 125,000 customers across the industrial, automotive, consumer, aerospace and defense, communications and computing markets. Headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, Microchip offers outstanding technical support along with dependable delivery and quality. For more information, visit the Microchip website at www.microchip.com.208
MicropacMicropac Industries, Inc. manufactures and designs microelectronic and optoelectronic components and modules for the hi-rel industrial, medical, military, aerospace and space markets. Micropac offers both standard and custom products including optocouplers, LEDs, Hall Effect sensors, solid state relays and power controllers, high temperature voltage regulators and multi-chip modules.204
MicrosanjMicrosanj is a leading provider of high-resolution transient thermal imaging solutions & services for commercial and research applications. The systems are based on optical thermoreflectance characterization, digital signal processing, and advanced software algorithms to support: electronic and optoelectronic components measurement, thermal design validation of ICs, defects, and failure analysis.708
MicrossMicross is the most complete provider of advanced microelectronic services and component, die and wafer solutions. With the broadest authorized access to die & wafer suppliers, an extensive portfolio of hi-rel power, RF, optoelectronics, memory, data bus, logic, and SMD/5962 qualified products, and the most comprehensive advanced packaging, assembly, modification, upscreening, and test capabilities, Micross is uniquely positioned to provide unparalleled high-reliability solutions, from bare die, to fully packaged devices including hermetic ICs/MCMs, PEMs, ASICs, FPGAs, and PCBs, to complete program lifecycle sustainment. For more than 40 years, Micross has been a trusted source for the aerospace, defense, space, medical, energy, communications, and industrial markets.518
MIT Lincoln LaboratoryThe Microelectronics Laboratory is a state-of-the-art semiconductor research and fabrication facility that supports the design, fabrication, and packaging of novel devices.612
Mosaic MicrosystemsThin Glass Solutions for Integrated Packaging, Advanced Microelectronics, and Photonics Applications.The demand for increased computational power and wider bandwidth communications are driving advances in semiconductor packaging. High performance computing, including AI, requires a very high density of interconnects in the package and the ability to dissipate considerable amounts of heat. These requirements exceed the current capability of IC package substrates.406
Nano OPS, Inc.603
Nimbis Services, Inc.Nimbis Services is a trusted name in secure, large-scale, high performance and technical cloud computing, with a proven record of identifying, developing, and transitioning novel technology to the DoD Microelectronics community. The Emulation Foundry, new in 2022, provides cycle-accurate accelerated verification, hardware/software co-development, and 2nd-order effects analysis of integrated circuit (IC) digital twins. The Virtual Lab for Workforce Development provides a platform for interactive, hands-on learning for state-of-the-art IC hardware assurance methods to ensure the DoD Microelectronics workforce has the knowledge and experience to address emergent threats. Since 2018, the Trusted Silicon Stratus (TSS) has powered collaborative R&D, analysis, verification, and tapeout of advanced-node analog, digital, mixed signal, photonics, radiation hardened, and RF ICs for the DoD. Nimbis prides itself in establishing strategic partnerships and alliances to innovate and solve the DoD’s most difficult challenges.308
Northrop GrummanNorthrop Grumman is a leading global aerospace and defense technology company. Our pioneering solutions equip our customers with the capabilities they need to connect and protect the world, and push the boundaries of human exploration across the universe. Driven by a shared purpose to solve our customers’ toughest problems, our 95,000 employees define possible every day.404
onsemiWe push innovation to create intelligent power and sensing technologies that solve the most challenging customer problems. Our employees are inspired each day to increase stakeholder value through high-quality and high-value products and services.219
PacTech USA, Inc.PacTech is a technology-focused company specialized in advanced packaging equipment manufacturing and wafer level packaging services. Since our establishment, our team has been working relentlessly on developing new leading-edge technologies for the next generation applications. We are known to be highly adaptive to customization and unique applications. Our team of technical experts is striving to resolve various packaging challenges faced by the industry to provide our customers and partners more competitive solutions in terms of cost, time-to-market, and technology advancement. Our headquarter is located in Nauen, Germany with two operation and manufacturing sites in Santa Clara, CA, USA and Penang, Malaysia. Together with our sales and field service teams across the globe, we can cater to the demand within your region.609
Penn State Applied Research Laboratory - Electronics Manufacturing CenterThe Pennsylvania State University Applied Research Laboratory is the defense related research entity of the University. The Electronics Manufacturing Center is an Office of Naval Research Center of Excellence managed by Penn State. The Electronics Manufacturing Center is focused on developing and providing solutions to electronics manufacturing for Navy systems and platforms.514
Perforce SoftwareMethodics IPLM by Perforce provides a scalable IP lifecycle management platform that tracks IP and its metadata across projects, providing end-to-end traceability and enabling effortless IP reuse.203
Photronics, Inc.For more than 50 years, we have done one thing and done it well. With laser focus, an unwavering commitment to quality, dedicated employees and constructive customer collaboration, we have grown into a leading global enterprise. Our photomask products, services and technologies have provided the manufacturing foundation for state-of-the-art mobile devices, PCs, TVs, displays and a host of other products that you rely on every day. We are recognized globally for providing exceptional customer service, leading technology and outstanding value to our customers. We earned this recognition through collaboration in strategic partnerships and prudent investments that have expanded Photronic’s capacity, technology and capability, all building our unequaled product portfolio.317
Plasma-ThermPlasma-Therm is a global manufacturer of advanced plasma processing equipment. Its tools and processes are used to support manufacturing needs in etch, deposition, rapid thermal processing, and plasma-dicing technologies. The company serves the semiconductor and compound semiconductor industries in developing solutions for the wireless, power device, MEMS, photonics, advanced packaging, and data storage markets. With locations in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, Plasma-Therm meets the diverse needs of its customers with exceptional customer service. To learn more, visit www.plasmatherm.com.103
QML IncFor more than half a century QML, Inc. has been a leader in precious metal refining and reclamation. Servicing a variety of industries, QML reclaims gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, and copper in our secure and environmentally friendly state-of-the-art facility, Material Sampling Technologies (MST), in North Smithfield, Rhode Island. Through our reclaiming process, QML, Inc. ensures your proprietary products are destroyed as well as value reclaimed. We are ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 Certified as well as ITAR Registered. Drop by our booth to review our full capabilities and for answers to all your value recovery questions.604
QP TechnologiesAt QP Technologies (formerly Quik-Pak), we offer a range of services to meet your packaging and assembly requirements. These include wafer preparation (backgrinding, dicing, die sort and inspection); IC assembly for a variety of package types and materials, as well as die attach, wire bonding, flip chip, encapsulation and marking; advanced assembly for new and complex packaging structures; laser micromachining; and design and engineering. In addition, we support design, fabrication, and assembly of PCB’s for MCM and SiP applications. Our PCB supply chain is solid and supports FR-4 to ABF, fine line/spacing. We have added wire bond equipment to support heavy Al wire and challenging RF requirements.619
QuickLogic CorporationQuickLogic is a publicly traded, US-owned, trusted supplier of FPGA and eFPGA cores with a proven 30+ year track record in delivering millions of units for commercial, ruggedized, and mission-critical applications. Five of the top five and eight of the top ten DoD primes use QuickLogic’s technology today. The company’s Australis eFPGA IP generator leverages foundry standard cell libraries, enabling it to go from concept to tapeout of a customized FPGA/eFPGA for any process node in as little as days. In addition to its proprietary Aurora FPGA User Tools, QuickLogic is one of the first FPGA vendors to ship products with 100% open-source FPGA user tools, supporting RTL-to-bitstream for fully transparent and inspectable FPGA user tools.402
Raith America, Inc.Raith manufactures focused ion beam (FIB-SEM) scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and electron beam lithography (EBL) instrumentation. With sub-5 nm performance, Raith instruments are enabling continuous advancement in nanoscale research development and production712
Real IntentReal Intent provides intent-driven static sign-off EDA software tools to accelerate early functional verification and advanced sign-off of digital designs. Its static sign-off product capabilities include multi-mode clock domain crossing; multi-scenario reset domain crossing; multi-test mode DFT; multi-policy RTL linting, connectivity & glitch, design initialization, and formal linting. Real Intent customers include more than 50 major semiconductor and systems companies.507
Signature IP CorporationSignatureIP, "we strive to speed SoC design" by making the design of the NoC – the backbone of the chip – fast, flexible and configurable. By enabling our customers to easily change the NoC topology, experiment with different configuration settings, and instantly simulate the results to measure throughput and latency, we make it possible to explore the design space at the top level of the chip before making major architectural decisions. When customers are ready to prototype or implement the NoC, our pushbutton RTL generation connects directly with customers’ EDA and FPGA environments. Our SaaS tool architecture makes tool access easy and reduces the burden on their IT department.606
Silicon AssuranceSilicon Assurance develops hardware security software to address trust and assurance issues in silicon chips designed by semiconductor and system companies. Our automated tool will provide peace of mind to organizations and governments across the world, reduce the time required for security analysis of chip design, prevent data leakage from the system by detecting vulnerabilities, and save revenue of companies by protecting their design IPs.700
Silitronics Solutions, Inc.Silitronics offers IC package design, substrate fabrication (5-2-5) and assembly services guided by “First Time Right” philosophy. Silitronics’ has fully automated equipment such as: Flip Chip with +/- 0.5um, Pick/Place within +/- 3um, Automatic Wire Bonders for tight pitch of 45um, 200um wire length and 50um loop height, Eutectic and Hermetic Sealing, PCBA, 3-D Laser Microscope, Die Shear, X-ray and Wire Pull Tester. Silitronics team has expertise to propose, develop, and implement cost effective assembly solutions from concepts to finished products. Silitronics is centrally located in the heart of Silicon Valley in a 10,000+ sq. ft. state of art automated facility with 10K and 1K clean rooms. One of our key differentiated services is complicated process development. Many of the NPI package assemblies which Silitronics does are so advanced that there is no precedence and does not fit in a standard assembly template. Often the design rules have to be pushed beyond their limits. This requires development of test vehicles, identification of right material sets, careful process control, monitoring of assembly parameters through well planned Design of Experiments (DOE) and even investments in new equipment. Silitronics has 100+ man years of R&D experience. Silitronics customer are top tier hyper scalers and leading start-ups in Chiplets Heterogeneous Integration, Silicon Photonics, SiP, MEMS sensors, LiDAR, AR/VR, Defense and Medical applications.313
SkyWater TechnologySkyWater Technology is a U.S.-based semiconductor manufacturer and a DMEA-accredited Trusted supplier. SkyWater’s Technology as a Service business model streamlines the path to production in diverse technology categories including mixed-signal CMOS, ROICs, rad-hard ICs, power management, MEMS, superconducting ICs, photonics, carbon nanotubes and interposers. For more information about our A&D business contact Jim Will (jim.will@skywatertechnology.com).509
Spectral Design and Test Inc.Spectral Design and Test Inc. is a worldwide leader in specialized embedded memory, based in Somerville, New Jersey. Our products support the Commercial markets, AI/IoT/5G, and the Mil/Aero/DoD markets. Spectral offers intellectual property (IP) in the form of specialized embedded memories as part of their MemoryIP™ offering. With a broad portfolio of embedded memory technology for AI optimized SRAMs, Low Power IoT memories, radiation hardened by design memories (RHBD), and other specialized memory architectures such as TCAMs, Spectral is a one stop shop for embedded memory IP. The company’s Memory Development EDA tools address the needs of Mil/Aero Companies to build their own RHBD Memory Compilers. Using MemoryCanvas™, the flagship memory development product, Memory Compilers can be developed with the ease of use and productivity level unmatched in the industry. The MemoryTime™ product enables designers to model, analyze and characterize embedded memories and generate the most advanced EDA views. Additional information on the company can be accessed at http://www.spectral-dt.com.200
SRI InternationalSRI International in Princeton, NJ (formerly Sarnoff Corporation), is the prime contractor for the DLA’s Generalized Emulation of Microcircuits (GEM) and Advanced Microcircuit Emulation (AME) Programs. The Emulation Programs provide a continuing source of Form, Fit, Function, and Interface replacements for non-procurable microcircuits.508
SynopsysSynopsys enables Government, Aerospace, and Defense companies, as well as their partners and ecosystems, to build and deploy advanced systems that exceed mission requirements and address challenging application demands, including C4ISR, EW, security, safety, longevity and reliability in extreme environments with low size, weight and power (SWaP) from sea to space. Synopsys is a US DoD-trusted design service supplier.501
Tektronix Component SolutionsTektronix Component Solutions is a DMEA Category 1A Microelectronics Trusted Source specializing in wafer test, package assembly and test, 2.5D/3D packaging, and design & simulation. We have a rich history of delighting customers by solving tough technical challenges through our microelectronics design, test, and manufacturing services. In addition, we take pride in – and are known for – our deep collaboration and responsiveness to delight customers. We have more than 50 years of manufacturing experience across a diverse range of products and customers, specializing in partnerships with the defense industry.312
The Boeing CompanyBoeing is the world's largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners, defense, space and security systems, and service provider of aftermarket support. As America’s biggest manufacturing exporter, the company supports airlines and U.S. and allied government customers in more than 150 countries. Boeing products and tailored services include commercial and military aircraft, satellites, weapons, electronic and defense systems, launch systems, advanced information and communication systems, and performance-based logistics and training.519
The MOSIS Service, ISI, USC307
Toppan Photomasks Round Rock, Inc.Toppan Photomask Co., Ltd. (TPC), headquartered in Tokyo, is the world's premier provider of photomasks for semiconductors. TPC leverages its worldwide customer service network and eight manufacturing facilities in key geographical locations to offer photomasks from legacy to the world's most advanced technology. Toppan Photomasks Round Rock, Inc. is the largest US merchant mask maker, providing litho & OPC engineering services, and TF1A Trusted accredited photomasks. TPC also supports processed silicon products, such as stencil masks and nanoimprint molds, to contribute to the further development of industry-leading products for AR/VR, AI, 5G and Biomedical applications.209
Trusted Semiconductor Solutions Inc.318
Trymax USALeading edge plasma-based tooling solutions for wafer manufacturing 3" to 12". Applications include ashing, descum, non-critical isotropic etching, sacrificial layer release, surface treatments and UV cure.419
Vistec Electron BeamVistec Electron Beam GmbH is a leader in the design and manufacture of electron-beam lithography systems. The company provides systems to both key semiconductor manufacturers as well as Advanced Research. The application areas span a wide range of existing and emerging semiconductor and nanotechnology applications including silicon direct write, compound semiconductor, mask making, advanced research, integrated optics and several new emerging markets.207
XTREME SemicionductorXTREME Semiconductor is a “solutions” company for obsolete technology Semiconductor products providing cost effect alternatives for managing critical microelectronics support of legacy systems. As a “MIL-PRF-38535 QML certified” manufacturer, XTREME provides complete turnkey re-manufacturing of most military, industrial and commercial components. Our newest solution in the fight against product obsolescence is our “Chip Recovery (ChiPR) Product”. This is a game changer in the fight against obsolescence. As an industry leader in Counterfeit Product Detection & Avoidance, XTREME Semiconductor offers our customers “Certified EOL Product” providing you with peace of mind and assurance that you receive only authentic OCM material. Visit us at to learn more about our solutions for continued manufacturing support of obsolete and trailing edge technology products.608