Explore Solar System and Beyond: Exciting Discoveries of the James Webb Space Telescope
Thursday 11/10/2022
7:00 pm ET
FREE 60 minute Webinar
For Educators (formal and informal) in Grades K-12
The NASA Educator Professional Development Collaborative at Texas State University is providing a 1-hour webinar.

The ever-expanding Universe is full of awe-inspiring phenomena, and the James Webb Space Telescope is NASA’s newest observatory setting out to discover mysteries of our solar system and beyond! 

James Webb Space Telescope is NASA’s next great space science observatory setting out to discover the mysteries of our early solar system and beyond that seeks to help answer humanity’s biggest questions: How does the Universe Work? How did we get here? Are we alone?  These same questions are what drives planetary science at NASA.

Join us to learn about the preparation, launch and recent updates on James Webb Space Telescope. Learn about classroom activities that model the chemical composition of our universe. Explore how expansion affects wavelengths of light and distance between galaxies. Leave with access to additional resources available in the JWST toolkit that include art, math, coding, and engineering design activities.



Barbie Buckner is a 20+ year STEM classroom teacher with a Doctorate Degree in Mathematics Education from the University of Louisville. Her research interest include the impact of technology on student achievement and teacher behavior. Buckner recently served as a 2013-14 Einstein Fellow at the National Science Foundation Education and Human Resources Directorate where she collaborated with colleagues on learning, learning environments, broadening participating and workforce development. Barbie sees education as her calling and has spent her life sharing her love for learning with everyone around her. Knowing that today’s student will compete in a global economy, Barbie says that “It is imperative that today’s students are prepared with consistent, rigorous, and relevant standards that encourage more STEM majors, particularly women, to keep this great nation at the forefront in technology, innovation, and advancement.”