Pathways New Testament Bible Survey Course
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Pathways New Testament Bible Survey Course

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The Pathways Online Course Program is a series of online courses taught by seminary faculty of Union Presbyterian Seminary or experienced practitioners. Courses are open to all, regardless of denomination affiliation or role in the church. These courses are designed to deepen and expand knowledge, as well as support and promote leadership development within the church.

This course introduces students to the writing of the New Testament, the cultural environments in which they arose, and appropriate methods for interpreting them in English translation. By listening to a series of ten lectures and studying both the New Testament and an accompanying textbook (not included in course tuition), students explore the historical setting, literary features, theological message, and contemporary significance of the New Testament writing. Students assess their mastery of course material by completing a set of quizzes. 

This online course is asynchronous--that is, pre-recorded lectures, resources, and quizzes may be accessed online at one's own pace. At the end of each of the 10 sessions, there is a quiz to test understanding of the material. For this course, a score of at least a 75% on each quiz must be achieved in order to move on to the next session. Quizzes may be retaken as often as necessary.

The tuition grants a one-year access to pre-recorded lectures for each of the 10 sessions, outlines or presentations from those lessons, and quizzes. One required textbook must also be purchased. 

Registration Fee: $165

Please note:  Registrants will have one year from date of registration to complete the course. Extensions may be granted for life-changing circumstances.