MEMS Executive Congress Europe 2013

Dr. Thomas Fries, CEO, FRT GmbH
"Internet, Cloud, Crowd ... are all great things, but you meet the real people at MEMS Executive Congress. It’s definitely the place to be. The Congress is a well-organized, brilliant program with all the important players there, from US to Europe."

Peter Himes, VP Marketing & Strategic Alliances, Silex Microsystems
"The MEMS Executive Congress has consistently been the top show for bringing together senior executives from across the MEMS supply chain, and this year’s event in Scottsdale was no exception. MIG does a great job of balancing panel discussions on relevant topics to the MEMS industry with ample time for networking and interaction. The attendance by the press and analysts make it equally productive from a company messaging standpoint; if you have any interest or involvement in the MEMS supply chain, you owe it to yourself to attend the MEMS Executive Congress."
Dirk Ortloff, Founder & CEO, Process Relations
"The MEMS Executive Congress was an enjoyable and useful event. I touched base with previous contacts and met new people. It was very well organized; in great location with very open minded people The topic tables at the open lunch were very intense and informative. All in all, it was a very positive experience."
Mark Martin, Vice President, Analog Devices 
"The MEMS Executive Congress stands out as a unique event. Open to suppliers and end-users alike, MEMS industry decision makers from the entire supply chain come together to exchange ideas and perspectives on the current state of the industry as well as opportunities and challenges for the future. I find the panels, keynotes, and social events great forums to meet other leaders who are driving this rapidly growing industry." 
Rakesh Kumar, PhD, Director, MEMS, 200mm BU, GLOBALFOUNDRIES
"Thank you for providing an opportunity to me to share GLOBALFOUNDRIES perspective on Foundry panel. I found MEMS Executive Congress to be a great place to network with key decision makers in MEMS industry." 
Jeff Hilbert, President & COO, Wispry
"The MEMS Executive Congress is large enough without being too large. This format and size of the Congress, along with the social events, provide the opportunity for a great amount of interaction and networking, and also foster a strong feeling of community. Speakers and presentations cover a good mix of topics. The opportunity to ask questions of speakers (both in a group setting and one-on-one), the strong focus on the business aspects of the MEMS industry, and the absence of selling all contribute to creating an open, friendly, yet professional atmosphere. 
The Congress provides a forum to meet potential new customers, suppliers, and partners. As a result of the caliber and diversity of attendees it is also possible to form relationships with new potential investors, industry analysts and even find a new board member. Being a panelist at last year’s Congress put me in contact with someone from a larger, more well-established company in MEMS who became interested in our products and technologies as a result of discussions on the panel and afterwards. Thanks to the Congress we are now on each other’s radar screen and have continued to interact since the conference." 
Hannu Kattelus, CEO, VTT Memsfab Ltd
"Thanks a lot for the extremely well organized MEMS Executive Congress in Monterey. The venue was very beautiful surrounded by all the ocean life that one cannot see back home in Finland. Being in Cannery Row also motivated me to read the similarly titled novel by John Steinbeck! And most importantly, the event was professionally highly interesting, different from technical conferences, you could meet many important people in the field of MEMS."

Leslie Field, CEO, SmallTech Consulting
"I wanted to thank you for the MIG meeting in Monterey. This was an exceptionally effective meeting for really useful networking and intriguing information. Well done!"

Jeff Fortin, Global Technology Leader, GE Sensing and Inspection Technologies
“The MEMS Executive Congress is an essential annual event for every MEMS business leader, both technical and non-technical. The core players in the MEMS industry are represented and the most relevant industry topics are covered in the talks and panel discussions. There is ample time to network, build relationships and develop a keen understanding of challenges and trends in the industry.”

John Foster, CEO, Innovative Micro Technology (IMT)
"The MEMS Executive Congress is the single best conference in the world of MEMS from a business perspective. The MEMS industry is very diversified and no other event brings together the key players like the MEMS Executive Congress. The MEMS Industry Group did an excellent job of organizing this event, providing a relaxed environment to network with other professionals, allowing for open discussion of ideas and sharing of experiences. Equally important, it was a great forum for hearing the most up-to-date news and trends in the MEMS industry that shed light on new market opportunities. The atmosphere of the MEMS Executive Congress is intended to facilitate business: networking is evident, aided by the attendance of the whole MEMS supply chain, and motivated by the physical environs. The keynote talks are provocative and stimulating for discussion. Does it get much better than the wine, dinner and discussion at the Monterey Bay Aquarium?"

Aaron Schulman, Business Director, Toffler Associates

"You really have a great team, everyone from your organization that I met was top notch. You guys know how to run an excellent conference. I also truly enjoyed meeting and engaging with a range of the members. What an amazing group of executives, entrepreneurs, leaders and researchers. They are truly helping to create the future."
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Why Attend?

Listen to Bryan Hoadley from Movea and Jim Knutti from Acuity, Inc. talk about why MEMS Executive Congress is the annual event connecting key players in the MEMS supply chain.