WERC 2019 Annual Conference and Solutions Center
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ThumbnailA-Safe Inc.623Safety SolutionsCHALLENGE:: Workdplace Safety SOLUTION:: Safety Barriershttps://www.asafe.com/en-gb/
ThumbnailAbeTech419Bar Code Equipment SystemsCHALLENGE:: Warehouse Efficiency SOLUTION:: AbeTech provides industrial equipment products that will improve accuracy and efficiency CHALLENGE:: Your partner, not just a vendor SOLUTION:: We are your partner and will assess each unique business structure to ensure the best-in-class products available, as well as services to back those products CHALLENGE:: Work arounds SOLUTION:: AbeTech has aligned with like-minded partners, in order to offer our clients the best products and a great ROI. Noting, the long run does matterhttp://www.abetech.com
ThumbnailACD-USA603RFID Equipment/SystemsCHALLENGE:: The need for improved warehouse efficiency and fewer personnel footsteps SOLUTION:: Deployment and use of Max Mobile Workstations allow workers to improve efficiency, complete jobs faster, and quicken ROI CHALLENGE:: Multiple Vendors providing different solutions for warehouse efficiency tools. SOLUTION:: ACD offers portable devices for logistics all from a single source, as ACD is the leading European manufacturer providing logistic solutions and tools since 1976 CHALLENGE:: Concerns about the end of life for Embedded Windows in handheld and vehicle devices and multiple devices needed to be replaced SOLUTION:: ACD offers robust Vehicle Mount Terminals, Pick By Voice, MAX Mobile Workstations, and Handheld Terminals, including our patented new M2Smart® ACD modular handheld, providing multiple solutions in one!http://www.acd-group.com
ThumbnailACSIS231Manifest/Shipping/Systems Equip.CHALLENGE:: Disconnected networks inhibit real-time visibility across supply chains making it difficult to manage effectively SOLUTION::  ACSIS provides cloud solutions that connect local, regional, and global networks for a real-time view across your entire supply chain. We help you transform data from edge devices, legacy systems, and new technologies into the actionable insights for more strategic decision-making, new efficiencies, and higher levels of service CHALLENGE:: The requirement to improve lean inventory practices, manage volatile demand, and risk mitigation SOLUTION:: ACSIS Intelligent Product and Asset Traceability tracks the movement of products and assets at any point in the supply chain. With our cloud-based solutions, you can exchange data with partners and suppliers in real time for complete end-to-end traceability CHALLENGE:: The need for smarter labels to improve how fast and reliable products are moving across the extended supply chain SOLUTION:: With ACSIS Intelligent Label Management, embedded intelligence does more than just identify what’s in the box–they help organizations speed delivery, control inventory, meet rigorous compliance standards, and monitor and analyze performance across the supply chain.https://acsisinc.com/
ThumbnailAgillitics100ConsultantsCHALLENGE:: We are data rich and insight poor SOLUTION:: Agillitics helps organizations select and implement the best BI, Analytics, and Optimization tools available today CHALLENGE:: We are slow to react to supply chain disruptions SOLUTION:: Agillitics helps customers develop prediction, machine learning, and AI models to enable better prediction and action to new events CHALLENGE:: We know Analytics and Optimization are important but struggle to identify the best place to start SOLUTION:: Rather than do the work for you, Agillitics helps our customers build a sustainable center of excellence to support operationshttp://www.agillitics.com
ThumbnailAmerican Logistics Aid Network530OtherCHALLENGE:: Humanitarian Logistics SOLUTION:: ALAN works with logistics professionals and organizations to deliver aid to communities affected by disaster CHALLENGE:: Supply Chain Resilience SOLUTION:: ALAN streamlines the flow of information between public, private, and non-profit entities to enable rapid resumption of disrupted supply chains CHALLENGE:: Skills Based Volunteerism SOLUTION:: Participation in ALAN allows companies to utilize their logistics resources, skills, and expertise to serve communities in needhttps://www.alanaid.org/
ThumbnailAmware630Third-Party Logistics ProvidersCHALLENGE:: Trying to find a full service logistics provider? SOLUTION:: Amware touches all parts of the distribution channel from small packaging, LTL, and TL to Warehousing and Distribution CHALLENGE:: Trying to find other value adds to your warehousing offerings?SOLUTION:: Our private labeled software for LTL will help drive extra revenue to warehouse providers while offering freight solutions to their customers CHALLENGE:: Trying to find warehouse space in a very tight market? SOLUTION:: Amware has a portfolio of warehouses in NE Ohio with additional warehouses being built to suit commercial and e-fulfillment needs.www.amware.com
ThumbnailASC Software531Warehouse Management Systems CHALLENGE:: No accurate data in warehouse or manufacturing SOLUTION:: ASC solves this by directing and validating 100% all transactions with seamless verification at the point of activity CHALLENGE:: Different departments or vendors not on the same page? SOLUTION:: ASC solves this with Apps for seamless supply chain for vendors, 3PL's, and all internal departments CHALLENGE:: Think cost of a true WMS is too high? SOLUTION:: ASC solves this with a TOP 10 WMS that is priced for any size of businesshttps://www.ASCsoftware.com
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ThumbnailBig Ass Fans318Warehouse EquipmentCHALLENGE:: Workers complain of oppressive heat and stuffy conditions, leading to exhaustion and lost productivity SOLUTION:: Big Ass Fans’ HVLS ceiling fans provide consistent cooling airflow that makes workers feel up to 10° cooler in the summertime without the use of AC CHALLENGE:: Workers in hard-to-reach areas suffer from stagnant air and a lack of airflow SOLUTION:: Big Ass Fans’ line of directional fans are designed with a wide variety of mounting options and configurations, delivering powerful, targeted airflow directly where it is needed CHALLENGE:: Changes in temperature lead to condensation buildup on equipment, products, and packaging materials, leading to mold, mildew, and dangerously slick floors SOLUTION:: Big Ass Fans’ automated environmental monitoring system Dewtect links with your Big Ass Fans to prevent condensation from forming and mitigates its effects to protect people, products, and propertyhttp://www.bigassfans.com
ThumbnailBOPLAN USA INC428Safety SolutionsCHALLENGE:: Fall Protection SOLUTION:: Safety Gates CHALLENGE:: Pedestrian Protection SOLUTION:: Handrails CHALLENGE:: Forklift Protection SOLUTION:: Traffic Barriers and Guardrailshttp://www.boplan.com
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ThumbnailCipherLab628Bar Code Equipment SystemsCHALLENGE:: Warehouse SOLUTION:: We manufacture rugged Android or Windows mobile computers/PDA's that stand up to the demanding needs of your warehouse environments CHALLENGE:: Logistics SOLUTION:: We manufacture rugged Android solutions for your mobile workforce. Our devices work equally well outside the four walls as they do inside themhttp://www.cipherlab.com
ThumbnailCrimson & Co200Consultantshttp://www.crimsonandco.com
ThumbnailCubiscan606OtherCHALLENGE:: Shipping surcharges and chargebacks SOLUTION:: Certified dimensional data for accurate parcel and freight dimensions CHALLENGE:: Effectively and efficiently slotting your warehouse SOLUTION:: Accurate dimensional data paired with slotting software allows you to optimize your warehouse space CHALLENGE:: Labor shortage and high turnover SOLUTION:: Automated dimensioning decreases the need for manual labor and the ease of use of our dimensioning systems make for easy transitions for new employeeshttp://cubiscan.com
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ThumbnailDematic400Material Handling EquipmentCHALLENGE:: Labor availability and productivity SOLUTION:: Dematic On-Demand Pickinghttp://www.dematic.com/en-us/
DHL Supply Chain
ThumbnailDistributors & Consolidators of America (DACA)402Warehouse Management Systems CHALLENGE:: warehousing space SOLUTION:: warehousing available in Northeasthttp://www.fowlersexp.com
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ThumbnailEAM-Mosca Corp.300Packaging Materials/SuppliesCHALLENGE:: Increase productivity, reduce downtime, labor reduction SOLUTION:: Sonixs Ultrasonic sealing technology Challenge:: Reliability of strapping machine Solution:: ROMP6 AND TR6 Evolution Strapping Machineshttp://www.eammosca.com
ThumbnailEhrhardt Partner Group510Voice-Directed Warehouse SystemsCHALLENGE:: Explosion of e-commerce and smaller orders stressing your existing system SOLUTION:: Lydia Voice increases productivity & accuracy enabling you to get the most out of your technology investment an excels in an e-commerce environment CHALLENGE:: Onboarding new full-time and seasonal workers requires too much time SOLUTION:: Lydia Voice does not require template training and can get your workers performing their jobs in as little as 15 minutes CHALLENGE:: Incredibly fast business drivers leave little time to plan or implement better use of space or improve processes SOLUTION:: Lydia Voice streamlines workflows & provides key data providing insights into how to organize your warehouse to optimize efficiencyhttps://www.epg.com/
ThumbnailEMP Tech Group500Bar Code Equipment SystemsCHALLENGE:: Migrating mobile computers to Android SOLUTION:: Onsite technical support in migrating and implementing MDM tools CHALLENGE:: Mobile printing on fork lifts SOLUTION:: Full solution including mounts and media CHALLENGE:: Mobile power carts in the warehouse to improve efficiency SOLUTION:: Full solutions including mobile power cart, label printing, computer and bar code scanninghttp://www.emptechgroup.com
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ThumbnailFASCOR Inc.431Warehouse Management Systems CHALLENGE:: Poor Inventory Management > Poor Location Accuracy? Constantly Searching for Product? Still shutting down for Annual Physical Inventories? SOLUTION:: Reach 99.97% Item-Location Inventory Accuracy with FASCOR WMS to eliminate costly downtime, automate cycle counting, reduce safety stock levels while also improving service CHALLENGE:: Increase of LTL & Parcel Shipments > Picking more eaches than ever before? Dim Weights out of control? Still using one carrier to get the job done? SOLUTION:: Streamline Pick, Pack, Rate, Shipping operations into one easy step with FASCOR WMS to increase productivity, ship most efficient package size possible and save on transportation costshttp://www.FASCOR.com
ThumbnailFetch Robotics311Material Handling EquipmentCHALLENGE:: Worker travel time and distance in a large facility SOLUTION:: Autonomous mobile robot solutions for material flow CHALLENGE:: Fixed automation that's expensive and time consuming to change SOLUTION:: Flexible & scalable automation that adopts to operation & business growth in a few minutes CHALLENGE:: Fragmented data and disconnect equipment across multiple locations SOLUTION:: Unified data and controls across all facilitieshttp://www.fetchrobotics.com
ThumbnailFirst Flight Solutions519ConsultantsCHALLENGE:: Excessive spending on small parcel and freight shipments SOLUTION:: Negotiation and audit services to reduce costs CHALLENGE:: Labor shortage and labor cost SOLUTION:: Process optimization to reduce labor demand CHALLENGE:: Excessive supply chain costs SOLUTION:: Supply chain optimizationhttp://www.firstflightsolutions.com
ThumbnailForge Technologies502Staffing / Management ServicesCHALLENGE:: Have trouble finding and retaining quality employees? SOLUTION:: Forge's Talent Sharing solution allows you to partner with nearby warehouses to share quality employees -- offering employees more hours and getting all your shifts covered CHALLENGE:: Have trouble scheduling employees based on your need and their availability? SOLUTION:: Forge's Flexible Scheduling system allows employees to easily select shifts that fit their schedule based on other job obligations, family obligations, etc. CHALLENGE:: Not able to attract enough talent to fill all your shifts?SOLUTION:: Forge's Flex Software enables you to build a labor of flexible staff who come in to work when you have need and when they canhttp://www.joinforge.com
ThumbnailFourKites203OtherCHALLENGE:: A revolutionary approach to yard management SOLUTION:: PCM, Benchmarking, Core Tracking, Insightshttps://www.fourkites.com/
ThumbnailFrazier Industrial Company618Warehouse EquipmentCHALLENGE:: Increase pallet positions and throughput by 30% SOLUTION:: Pallet Mole: With the latest technology in high-density, semi-automated storage, the Pallet Mole optimizes floor space while measurably enhancing efficiency CHALLENGE:: Increase floor pick location by up to 30% SOLUTION:: SelecDeck Case Flow: Are rising SKU's and slow mover putting a squeeze on floor space? CHALLENGE:: Increase picking productivity and increase storage utilization by up to 30% SOLUTION:: Ergo Series: Make case picking easier with the Ergo Beam and the Ergo Deep!http://www.frazier.com/
ThumbnailFuture Industrial Technologies, Inc.301Safety SolutionsCHALLENGE:: Sprain/strain injuries SOLUTION:: Prevent back and shoulder injuries CHALLENGE:: Workers Comp costs and lost production SOLUTION:: Preventing lost time work related injuries CHALLENGE:: Management time wasted on work injury paperwork and reporting SOLUTION:: Establishing a work culture that prevents back and shoulder injurieshttps://www.backsafe.com
ThumbnailFW Logistics306Third-Party Logistics ProvidersCHALLENGE:: We have too much product, not enough space SOLUTION:: We have plenty of overflow space to hold product and distribute it with our asset based trucking on an as needed basis CHALLENGE:: We only have a few employees and need help with fulfillment and distribution SOLUTION:: We have full time employees here year-round to assist with seasonal fulfillment needs or your normal fulfillment distribution CHALLENGE:: We have a repackaging project and need it distributed as well SOLUTION:: Our full time employees can repackage your items and will ship them back out to suppliers nationwidehttp://www.fwlogistics.com
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ThumbnailGenerix Group528Warehouse Management Systems CHALLENGE:: Inventory Accuracy SOLUTION:: Complete inventory accuracy and visibility. Knowing what you have and where it is at any given time and in real-time CHALLENGE:: Automated Workflows SOLUTION:: Workflows drive your warehouse team to execute efficiently and accurately. You and your team will be successful and your distribution center will run at peak efficiency CHALLENGE:: Multi-channel distribution SOLUTION:: Keeping up with your customers` ever-changing needs requires the right technology. Our scalable and customizable WMS & MES insure you have the flexibility to meet those demands, quickly & easilyhttp://www.generixgroup-northamerica.com
ThumbnailGMR Safety Inc219Safety SolutionsCHALLENGE:: Securing loading areas SOLUTION:: The POWERCHOCK by GMR Safety is the optimal vehicle restraint solution to secure loading areas CHALLENGE:: Loading dock becomes inoperative SOLUTION:: The POWERCHOCK by GMR Safety is covered by our exclusive 5-year warranty on chock and ground plate - Long term profitability, reliability, robustness, no out of service CHALLENGE:: ICC Bars & lift Gates SOLUTION:: The POWERCHOCK by GMR Safety is compatible and flexible with all types of vehiclehttp://www.gmrsafety.com
ThumbnailGoDEX International Americas411Bar Code PrintersCHALLENGE:: Are you in need of wide format thermal labels? SOLUTION:: Our new 300 dpi 8-inch wide HD830i printer with optional WiFi and Bluetooth is the perfect solutionhttp://www.godexintl.com/us
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ThumbnailHighJump631Warehouse Management Systems CHALLENGE:: Lack of accurate supply chain data SOLUTION:: Real-time inventory visibility with actionable analytics to drill down into complex data and turn into actionable information CHALLENGE:: Warehouse efficiency SOLUTION:: Increase inventor, order and shipping accuracy, improve employee productivity and streamline your complex operations CHALLENGE:: Minimize risk SOLUTION:: Fast WMS implementation to achieve a rapid ROI and low TCOhttp://www.highjump.com
ThumbnailHy-Tek Material Handling, Inc.602Solutions IntegratorCHALLENGE:: Determining the best approach to facility improvements SOLUTION:: Hy-Tek designs to your objectives and goals for inventory storage, building throughput capacity/accuracy, labor/handling and material/process flow CHALLENGE:: Determining project scope SOLUTION:: Hy-Tek establishes a thorough understanding of your operation to determine your unique application and needs CHALLENGE:: Determining the best design partner & equipment SOLUTION:: Hy-Tek is a full-service one-stop shop, providing customers with comprehensive integrated systems, lighting, and storage and handling solutionshttp://www.hy-tek.com
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ThumbnailIdeal Warehouse Innovations Inc.201Material Handling EquipmentCHALLENGE:: Push Back Rack Jam SOLUTION:: The MARC (Maintenance and Retrieval Cart) CHALLENGE:: Stuck Pallets SOLUTION:: The MARC (Maintenance and Retrieval Cart) CHALLENGE:: Safety-at-Height SOLUTION:: The MARC (Maintenance and Retrieval Cart)https://ironguardsafety.com/
Thumbnailio-consultants LP625ConsultantsCHALLENGE:: Planning for the warehouse of the future SOLUTION:: io-consultants helps companies find the right warehouse solutions CHALLENGE:: Implementing state of the art warehouse solutions SOLUTION:: io-consultants provides the expertise and detailed planning to implement the warehouse of the future CHALLENGE:: Keeping your warehouse processes optimized SOLUTION:: io-consultants helps companies implement the processes and SAP solutions to keep their warehouses running righthttp://www.io-consultants.com
ThumbnailIWLA224Third-Party Logistics ProvidersCHALLENGE:: Finding a 3PL Warehouse Partner SOLUTION:: IWLA Find a Warehouse CHALLENGE:: Maintaining a Great Shipper/3PL Relationship SOLUTION:: IWLA Education & Networkinghttp://www.IWLA.com
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ThumbnailJLL523Realty SolutionsCHALLENGE:: Real Estate advisory services and brokerage SOLUTION:: JLL CHALLENGE:: Distribution Site Selection SOLUTION:: JLL CHALLANGE:: Supply Chain Network Strategy SOLUTION:: JLLhttp://www.jll.com
ThumbnailJohnson Stephens Consulting600ConsultantsCHALLENGE:: Supply Chain Strategy SOLUTION:: Supply Chain Network Optimization, Site Selection, 3PL Selection, and Transportation Analysis CHALLENGE:: Supply Chain Technology SOLUTION:: WMS, LMS & TMS Assessment, Selection and Implementation assistance CHALLENGE:: Distribution Center / Warehouse Planning and Design SOLUTION:: Distribution Center Planning, Design and Implementation Serviceshttps://johnsonstephens.com/
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ThumbnailKENCOThird-Party Logistics Providershttps://www.kencogroup.com
ThumbnailKuehne + NagelThird-Party Logistics Providershttps://home.kuehne-nagel.com
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ThumbnailLandair607Third-Party Logistics ProvidersCHALLENGE:: Customer satisfaction SOLUTION:: At Landair we apply sound business strategies and forward-thinking concepts to protect the customer experience and company profitability CHALLENGE:: Labor shortage SOLUTION:: Well-defined operational processes with proven efficiency and effectiveness are key. They help employees know what's expected and give them confidence in their ability to perform CHALLENGE:: Reducing cost SOLUTION:: Landair conducts ongoing, data and process driven analysis of the operation to identify areas for continuous improvement and cost reduction opportunitieshttp://www.landair.com
ThumbnailLaserglow Technologies329Safety SolutionsCHALLENGE:: Getting the customers to see our solution is better value SOLUTION:: Providing cost and time comparisons to clients to show them how well we can dohttps://www.laserglow.com/index.html
ThumbnailLogistiVIEW503Picking SystemsCHALLENGE:: Need a pick or put to light system SOLUTION:: The LogistiVIEW Augmented Reality Vision Picking system CHALLENGE:: Need to replace a voice or RF system SOLUTION:: Need to replace a voice or RF system CHALLENGE:: How to extend the life of your existing DC SOLUTION:: The LogistiVIEW Augmented Reality vision system via smart glasseshttps://www.logistiview.com
ThumbnailLongbow Advantage410OtherCHALLENGE:: Low warehouse management system performance SOLUTION:: Rebus Data Services Platform CHALLENGE:: Inconsistent, unreliable supply chain analytics SOLUTION:: Rebus Data Services Platform CHALLENGE:: Time-consuming process of manually creating supply chain analytics in spreadsheets SOLUTION:: Rebus Data Services Platformhttp://www.longbowadvantage.com
ThumbnailLucas Systems, Inc.525Productivity/Labor Mgmt. SystemsCHALLENGE:: Labor productivity SOLUTION:: Lucas Mobile Work Execution CHALLENGE:: Warehouse/DC efficiency SOLUTION:: Lucas Mobile Work Execution CHALLENGE:: Fulfillment accuracy SOLUTION:: Lucas Mobile Work Executionhttps://www.lucasware.com
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ThumbnailMade4net307Warehouse Management Systems CHALLENGE:: Picking optimization SOLUTION:: Warehouse Management System CHALLENGE:: Distribution costs optimization SOLUTION:: Dynamic Route Planning CHALLENGE:: Real time delivery tracking SOLUTION:: Proof of Deliveryhttp://www.made4net.us
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ThumbnailNewcastle Systems, Inc.403Warehouse EquipmentCHALLENGE:: Labor Shortage & Capacity SOLUTION:: Eliminate costly motion, increase velocity and significantly reduce worker fatigue with Mobile Powered Workstations CHALLENGE:: Labeling Accuracy SOLUTION:: Reduce labeling errors while increasing receipts by up to 50% with Newcastle’s Mobile Printing Stationshttp://newcastlesys.com
ThumbnailNorth Coast Logistics, Inc.Third-Party Logistics Providershttp://www.northcoastlogistics.com
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ThumbnailODW Logistics611Third-Party Logistics ProvidersCHALLENGE:: Maximize savings in e-commerce fulfillment SOLUTION:: ODW Logistcs has a distribution center in Columbus, OH dedicated to efulfillment CHALLENGE:: How easy it to work with a 3PL? SOLUTION:: ODW Logistics offers a completely integrated logistics solutions including Supply Chain Design, Warehousing and fulfillment (included e-commerce fulfillment, and transportation solutions CHALLENGE:: How can a 3PL help me control my supply chain costs SOLUTION:: Learn how ODW is using automation to control costs in e-commerce fulfillment solutions for our clientshttp://www.odwlogistics.com
ThumbnailOptricity417OtherCHALLENGE:: Warehouse Space Utilization, Picking Productivity, Warehouse Travel Times, Ergonomic Standards, Product Damages, Order Accuracy SOLUTION:: OptiSlot DC™http://www.optricity.com
ThumbnailOTTO Motors122Material Handling EquipmentCHALLENGE:: Shrinking labour force and difficulty with retention, especially among younger generation of workers SOLUTION:: Automate the dull and low-value added tasks, like walking and pushing a cart around a facility, so your most shrinking resource is not doing non-value added work CHALLENGE:: Rising labor costs are making it harder to put out a positive bottom line while remaining competitive globally SOLUTION:: Automate your manual material handling processes. Continuous improvement is not enough, the industry needs new technologies to introduce disruptive change - specifically in the under-invested area of material handlinghttps://ottomotors.com/
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ThumbnailParamount Staffing430Staffing / Management ServicesCHALLENGE:: The industrial staffing landscape has changed and is expected to continue to evolve in ways that impact companies strategies, productivity, and costs SOLUTION:: Partnering with a staffing provider that has evolved with the market and is agile to quickly respond to client requirements can positively improve bottom line resultshttp://www.paramountstaffing.com
ThumbnailPeoplelink Group529Staffing / Management ServicesCHALLENGE:: Is talent attraction, retention, and development a strategic objective for your company in 2019? SOLUTION:: Peoplelink has the experience and resources to deliver the right talent, on time. We are experts in meeting the demand for talent in the Supply Chain Industry CHALLENGE:: What is the Peoplelink Staffing Solutions Advantage? SOLUTION:: Peoplelink specializes in many verticals. Our recruiters know their space and know it well. This allows us to be agile and move quickly to respond to your needshttp://www.peoplelinkgroup.com
ThumbnailPlug Power Inc.303Industrial Batteries & ChargersCHALLENGE:: Fleet experiences batter droop SOLUTION:: Plug Power's GenDrive fuel cell increase fleet productivity because it powers the truck to operate at 100% for an entire shifthttp://www.plugpower.com
ThumbnailProaction International202ConsultantsCHALLENGE:: Need to improve operational performance SOLUTION:: Create a performance-based culture CHALLENGE:: Reduce costs SOLUTION:: Reduce or eliminate all non-value add in the process and behavior CHALLENGE:: "Weak" leadership and management skills Solution: On the floor real time coachinghttp://www.proactioninternational.com/home/
ThumbnailProLogistix407Staffing / Management ServicesCHALLENGE:: Recruiting SOLUTION:: ProLogistix is assisting companies with Creative and strategic recruiting programs CHALLENGE:: Retention SOLUTION:: Learn what warehouse employees think about their work environment. How can you keep your valuable workforce engaged CHALLENGE:: Training/Skills Enhancement SOLUTION:: Developing a workforcehttp://www.prologistix.com
ThumbnailPropel624Transportation Management SystemsCHALLENGE:: Getting fast shipping rates SOLUTION:: Easier rating CHALLENGE:: Get the best shipping rates SOLUTION:: Compare and tender your rates in one place CHALLENGE:: Lack of tracking and reporting shipments SOLUTION:: End-to-end shipment visibilityhttps://propeltms.com
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ThumbnailReb Storage Systems International302Solutions IntegratorCHALLENGE:: Designing or re-configuring a warehouse or distribution center to meet all your operational needs SOLUTION:: REB can develop the ideal solution and provide alternative solutions based on your budget and time frame. Each design meets both local and federal building codes CHALLENGE:: If you’ve outgrown or are moving your warehouse, deciding what to do with your racking system can pose a challenge SOLUTION:: With our Removal and Relocation Services, REB can help you determine the best option for your company, develop a relocation, expansion or removal plan CHALLENGE:: Daily abuse, neglect, adding new rack, modifying or re-configuring old rack can compromise the integrity of those systems SOLUTION:: Our knowledge of ANSI/RMI rack safety standards allow us to analyze a rack system, and make suggestions to help you increase employee safety and asset protectionhttp://www.rebstorage.com
ThumbnailRice Lake Weighing Systems310OtherCHALLENGE:: Dim weight and oversized box chargebacks from UPS and FedEx for shipping SOLUTION:: Reduce chargebacks from UPS and FedEx on incorrect data and help recognize oversize boxes CHALLENGE:: eceiving and slotting for stock locations SOLUTION:: Find the best spot in stock locations and maximize box space for multiple items being shipped CHALLENGE:: Pick and Pack: confirming that the item you are picking is the item requested SOLUTION:: Using the images from the iDimension with dims and weight help reduce errors when pickinghttp://www.ricelake.com
ThumbnailRinchem Company, Inc.Third-Party Logistics Providershttps://www.rinchem.com/
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ThumbnailSaddle Creek Logistics Services401Third-Party Logistics ProvidersCHALLENGE:: Control cost, improve speed to market and improve service SOLUTION:: Omnichannel supply chain solutionshttp://www.sclogistics.com
ThumbnailSedlak Supply Chain Consultants610ConsultantsCHALLENGE:: Unpredictable labor markets SOLUTION:: Robotics and automation alternatives CHALLENGE:: Meeting high customer expectations SOLUTION:: Scalable, flexible material handling solutions CHALLENGE:: Bottlenecks and capacity constraints SOLUTION:: Solutions that improve productivity and prolong the life of the facilityhttp://www.jasedlak.com
ThumbnailSiggins501Material Handling EquipmentCHALLENGE:: Making use of wasted cube space SOLUTION:: Multi-level picking module system CHALLENGE:: Running out of space in current facility SOLUTION:: Retrofit and streamline system for greater capacity CHALLENGE:: Need to increase output without adding manpower SOLUTION:: Automated order picking systemshttp://www.siggins.com
ThumbnailSofteon328Warehouse Management Systems CHALLENGE:: Omnichannel/Complex Fulfillment SOLUTION:: Solution such as DOM that gives full visibility and connectivity CHALLENGE:: Warehouse Management that fits your needs SOLUTION:: Highly flexible and configurable solutions CHALLENGE:: Small companies trying to keep-up SOLUTION:: Offering all solutions with a cloud-based, subscription option for all the functionality at a value pricehttp://www.softeon.com
ThumbnailSpeech Interface Design229Voice-Directed Warehouse SystemsCHALLENGE:: Increasing order picking PRODUCTIVITY SOLUTION:: Voice-directed work from SID CHALLENGE:: Increasing order picking ACCURACY SOLUTION:: Voice-directed work from SID CHALLENGE:: Increasing order picker SAFETY and SATISFACTION SOLUTION:: Voice-directed work from SIDhttp://www.speech-interface.com
ThumbnailSt. Onge Company222ConsultantsCHALLENGE:: Inefficient Warehouse SOLUTION:: Process improvement technologies CHALLENGE:: High Space Utilization SOLUTION:: Improve layout and equipmenthttp://www.stonge.com
Sunland Logistics Solutionshttps://www.sunlandls.com
ThumbnailSystems Logic330, 331Warehouse Management Systems CHALLENGE:: Growing pains from multi-channel e-commerce demands growing beyond simple pallet in and case out SOLUTION:: Warehouse Management Tools that can easily maintain multiple integrations, and communicate effectively with your customers, and help you grow your B2B and B2C business CHALLENGE:: Warehouse utilization, and wasted foot traffic driving up operational expenses SOLUTION:: Directed put-away and picking and packing minimized foot traffic and forklift hours with our Intelligent Order Queue solutionshttp://www.warehouseinabox.com
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ThumbnailTAWI USA, Inc.418Material Handling EquipmentCHALLENGE:: Productivity SOLUTION:: Our equipment allows staff to lift more without losing speed allowing them to maintain productivity all day CHALLENGE:: Employee health and Injuries SOLUTION:: Our equipment allows staff to manage demanding work without causing any strain to their bodies CHALLENGE:: Workforce Flexibility SOLUTION:: Big or small anybody can lift with our equipment, giving employers more flexibility with their staffhttps://www.tawi.com/us/
ThumbnailThe Raymond Corporation518Material Handling EquipmentCHALLENGE: Gaining insight into forklift operators’ daily activities, along with more overall warehouse data, to make informed warehouse decisions and improvements. SOLUTION: TELEMATICS & FLEET MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS CHALLENGE: Pursuit of the latest technologies to assist operators in repetitive tasks and horizontal transport activities. SOLUTION: AUTOMATED SOLUTIONS CHALLENGE: Material handling products that support the needs of moving goods to meet customer demand and rapid ecommerce growth SOLUTION: FORKLIFTShttp://www.Raymondcorp.com
ThumbnailTouchPath406Warehouse Management Systems CHALLENGE:: Want inventory and warehouse management that conforms to your business at an off-the-shelf price? SOLUTION:: TouchWMS CHALLENGE:: Need to put an end to paper trails, delayed reporting and duplication errors? SOLUTION:: TouchWMS CHALLENGE:: Require data collection automation that seamlessly integrates with your ERP or other back office systems? SOLUTION:: TouchWMShttps://www.touchpath.com
ThumbnailTPI506Bar Code Equipment SystemsCHALLENGE:: Clock is ticking on Windows Mobile Devices Is your business ready? SOLUTION:: TPI can help you navigate the OS Migration with a strategic, manageable, and budget friendly approach CHALLENGE:: With the shortage in the workforce how can you meet volume demands? SOLUTION:: We empower our customers to improve efficiencies and drive down costs with the deployment of mobile computing systems and rugged barcode scanning solutions CHALLENGE:: How to keep your employees, connected, efficient and your data secure SOLUTION:: TPI customers are confident their wireless infrastructure will have the security, performance & reliability needed to keep mobile employees connected & productivehttp://www.tpi1.com
ThumbnailTrex Company601OtherCHALLENGE:: Pallet wrap recycling SOLUTION:: Trex is an end user of pallet wrap CHALLENGE:: Recycling audits SOLUTION:: Trex will audit a warehouse for pallet and film recycling CHALLENGE:: Shipping baled pallet wrap SOLUTION:: Trex provides shipping for pallet and film recyclinghttps://www.trex.com/recycling/
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ThumbnailUber Freight319OtherCHALLENGE:: One stop for success SOLUTION:: Our single platform accelerates getting quotes, tendering and booking loads, tracking shipments and more CHALLENGE:: Smarter and faster SOLUTION:: Our technology helps to eliminate the time-consuming games of phone tag, email chains and faxing CHALLENGE:: Reliable results SOLUTION:: Carriers on our network are evaluated so that your shipments are always in good handshttp://www.uberfreight.com
ThumbnailUNEX Manufacturing517Material Handling EquipmentCHALLENGE:: Order Accuracy SOLUTION:: Span Track and Speed Cell CHALLENGE:: Travel Reduction SOLUTION:: Span Track Carton Flow CHALLENGE:: Space utilization and higher density SOLUTION:: Span Track Carton Flow and Speed Cellhttp://www.unex.com
ThumbnailUniversity of Arkansas Global Campus228Educational InstitutionCHALLENGE:: Furthering ones education while in the workforce can be difficult, especially from an accredited institution SOLUTION:: The University of Arkansas offers degrees 100% from a Research 1 ranked institution that can be taken anywhere while being charged in-state tuition CHALLENGE:: Businesses can have difficulty finding highly qualified candidates to fill positions SOLUTION:: The University of Arkansas produces highly qualified candidates through our accredited programs, available anywhere CHALLENGE:: Many Businesses want to educate and further employees from within their company SOLUTION:: The University of Arkansas's online programs allows business to empower their workforce with a top rated university without the need of travelhttp://www.online.uark.edu
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ThumbnailWERC323OtherCHALLENGE:: You seek connections to other professionals united by their warehousing expertise SOLUTION:: WERC members represent a dynamic industry crossing all sectors. Connect with our searchable directory, find job seekers or new opportunities via our Career Center; and participate in regional chapters CHALLENGE:: You want to make well-sourced operational decisions based on reliable insights SOLUTION:: Draw from WERC’s expert, objective research and best practices to inform your planning and decision-making CHALLENGE:: You and your team need to stay on top of the latest industry trends to keep your operations nimble SOLUTION:: Stay up-to-date with our wide selection of online learning courses, self-study guides, and webinarshttp://www.werc.org
ThumbnailWest Monroe Partners622ConsultantsCHALLENGE:: Optimizing the performance of management teams to drive increased communication, productivity, sales, improved customer experience, and reduce operating costs SOLUTION:: Our Workforce Optimization team helps organizations identify and realize improved operational performance through a quantitative and qualitative view of the current state of the management team CHALLENGE:: Navigating rising transportation costs, labor shortages, and barriers to scalability in relation to increasing demands SOLUTION:: Our Supply Chain Management team helps organizations optimize their supply chain operations to improve competitiveness, drive revenue growth, meet profitability expectations, decrease costs, and improve employee and customer experience CHALLENGE:: Facing the pressures of competition for talent, digitization, cybersecurity, and economic uncertainty SOLUTION:: Our Organizational Change Management team helps companies reap the full benefits of transformation by positioning them to adapt, thrive, and sustain through changehttp://www.westmonroepartners.com
ThumbnailWireless Data Systems, Inc.102Warehouse Management Systems CHALLENGE:: Off-the-shelf software solutions lack customization and only meet 80% of the user's needs SOLUTION:: WDS provides a custom solution to meet our customers specific requirements at a cost inline with other software solutions. Let us show you how CHALLENGE:: Growth creating stress on processes and systems SOLUTION:: WDS has extensive experience in streamlining processes, systematically eliminating swivel-chair transactions, and architecting systems to handle the ebb and flow of throughputhttps://www.wdsinc.com
ThumbnailWONOLO629Staffing / Management Serviceswonolo.com
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ThumbnailYale Materials Handling Corporation211Material Handling Equipmenthttp://www.yale.com
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ThumbnailZebra Technologies511Productivity/Labor Mgmt. SystemsCHALLENGE:: Accommodating a larger volume of orders with a shortage in labor and high turn over SOLUTION:: Zebra offers user-friendly and intuitive rugged edge devices that enable quick, automated inventory and cycle counting CHALLENGE:: Ensuring inventory and order accuracy SOLUTION:: Zebra's demand forecasting and planning applications boost the accuracy of revenue forecasts and better align inventory levels via data analytics CHALLENGE:: Meeting expedited delivery times SOLUTION:: Zebra's rugged, purpose-built hardware and innovative solutions enable proactive maintenance and route planning to final proof of deliveryhttp://www.zebra.com