KAPPA 2018 Fall Meeting
Keynote Address - Monday, October 22nd - 1:15 PM
 Meghan M. Grace

 "Generation Z Goes to College"
Generation Z, those born from 1995 through 2010, is rapidly replacing Millennials on college campuses. They have different motivations, learning styles, characteristics, skill sets, and social concerns than previous generations. Generation Z students grew up during the recession and are focusing in on their employment after college. 

Over the past four years, Dr. Corey Seemiller and Meghan Grace conducted two original, large-scale studies on Generation Z: the Generation Z Goes to College study in 2014, and the Generation Z Stories study in 2017.

This Keynote address will enhance our KAPPA audience's awareness of Generation Z’s mindset and goals, and the implications for the college campus, its facilities, and the education provided.
Afternoon Breakouts - Monday, October 22nd - 2:45 PM
 Justin Mears
 LeadOff, LLC

 "Character Matters: Why Integrity is the Foundation of Good Leadership"

Much of the time we spend on leadership development examines the competencies and strengths necessary for good leadership, while often generalizing the necessity of character and integrity. This presentation seeks to examine what we mean by character and integrity, what role proper habituation of “virtues” plays in becoming our best selves, and how all of this is connected to our ability to properly understand what a life of striving for integrity looks like. It will then explain how properly-habituated virtues are necessary for true influence and for gaining the respect and trust of those you are leading.

Justin Mears has been published in a leadership textbook issued to all Midshipmen at the United States Naval Academy.

   Heidi Kunka
 U.S. Green Building Council of Central PA

"LEED V4 & Beyond: An Overview of GBCI Sustainability Programs"
The Green Business Certification Institute, sister organization to the US Green Building Council, now manages multiple sustainability programs, in addition to LEED. This presentation will provide an overview of each of those programs. TRUE Zero Waste is a rating system that defines, pursues, and achieves diversion rates of 90%. Arc is an online platform that measures their building performance in five categories. SITES is a rating system for sustainable landscapes. PEER focuses on resilient and sustainable electricity infrastructure. Finally, Parksmart is a rating system for sustainable parking garages. 

CREDITS: *This presentation is not currently certified as an AIA continuing educational credit, but it may become so prior to the Conference.

   Sean McCabe & Michael McGrory 
 Servpro of Upper Bucks

"Facility Emergency Preparedness and Active Shooter"
Disaster preparedness is critical for anyone responsible for buildings of any type. This presentation will discuss how to prepare for any type of natural or man-made home-, building-, or business-related disaster, including active shooter situations. Join your peers for a discussion about disasters involving fire, water, and biological hazards, and a special active shooter emergency response discussion.

A version of this presentation was presented at the Community Associations Institute National Conference in May, 2018, in Washington, DC. Michael McGrory and Sean McCabe are certified active shooter trainers.

CREDITS: * This presentation is not currently certified as an AIA continuing educational credit, but it may become so prior to the Conference.