2018 Opportunity Unlocked



Strong leadership nurtures a strong organization.

ONPHA has developed content specifically with Boards in mind to help you successfully lead and govern your organization. Along with hot topics such as such as End of Operating Agreements, innovations in housing operations, supportive housing, aging in placeand so much more, this year’s Conference also covers core subjects such as governance and finance listed below. See the full 2017 program here.

204 Managing finances? Yes you can!
Friday, November 3
3-4:30 p.m.

Stream: The Basics   |   Format: Learn

Budgets, financial statements, monthly reporting. If just reading this list raises your stress levels, this session is for you. In this basic session, with a focus on using plain language, board members will learn what they need to know about managing non-profit finances from an expert with over 20 years of experience working with non-profits. This includes how to read financial statements and review monthly reporting, as well as learning what to ask and how to ask the right questions.

Liza Gowe, Coordinator of Finance, HR and Office Services, ONPHA

307 Reading and understanding financial statements
Saturday, November 4
9-10:30 a.m.

Stream: Our Organizations   |   Format: Learn

Board members and management need to have a good understanding of the financial picture of their organization in order to make informed decisions. Learn how to examine various components of a non-profit housing organization’s financial statements and understand how to pinpoint areas of concern, look for potential trends and make sure you are asking the right questions.

Viola Bardhoshi, CPA, CA, Manager, Prentice Yates & Clark, Chartered Professional Accountants

Sponsored by
Prentice Yates & Clark, Chartered Professional Accountants

As housing providers move to more modernized and entrepreneurial business models, partnerships, collaborations, mergers and/or acquisitions are an emerging trend. Learn from those who’ve gone through the process and gain a broader understanding of what is involved and what should be considered.

Darlene Cook, Chief Executive Officer, Peterborough Housing Corporation
Jon Harstone, Executive Director, St. Clare’s Multifaith
Kaye Melliship, Executive Director, Greater Victoria Housing Society
Keith Hambly, Executive Director, Fife House Foundation (moderator)

504 The profile of non-profit housing boards in Ontario
Saturday, November 4
2-3 p.m.

Stream: Our Organizations   |   Format: Learn

The housing sector’s need for strong leadership is more important than ever as we embrace End of Operating Agreements (EOAs), new funding models and a more "modernized" outlook. Recently, ONPHA surveyed its membership to explore how boards are operating and what is important to them moving forward. Review the results of this survey including the make-up of non-profit housing boards in Ontario, how they are doing business and what they have identified as individual and sector priorities.

Michelle Coombs, Manager, Education and Member Services, ONPHA

507 Governance: Mission and vision possible
Saturday, November 4
2-3 p.m.

Stream: The Basics   |   Format: Learn

Clear and well-structured mission and vision statements provide shape and focus to your governance work. This basic session will walk providers through the process of rethinking mission and vision statements using a real-world case study in order to best achieve and direct your organizational goals.

Isaac Coplan, Coordinator, Education Services, ONPHA

Does your board struggle to attract skilled and committed directors? Do you need tips for how to make your non-profit more attractive to volunteers? In this session, gain in-depth knowledge and ideas about how to implement an effective board recruitment plan in your non-profit from a panel of governance experts.

Kristen Cairney, Manager of Education and Clinical Services, Wyndham House
Isaac Coplan, Coordinator, Education Services, ONPHA
Brigitte Witkowski, Former Executive Director (retired), Mainstay Housing