13th Thermoplastic Elastomers Conference 2018



Wednesday, September 19


This talk will include an overview of the opportunities and applications for bringing new experiences with everyday textiles using Market Back Innovation (vs technology forward).


Qaizar Hassonjee, President of Haas Tech Associates, is a pioneer in Smart Textiles and has a passion for bringing new and unique experiences with the integration of Technology into Textiles. He is an entrepreneur with successful start-up experience, inventor of several products and process technologies, holds many patents, and authored technical papers in major trade publications. He has over 30 years of experience in working for top tier companies, including DuPont and adidas as well as startups, including Textronics & TILT Textiles.

Dr. Hassonjee has a PhD in chemical engineering from City University of New York and an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from LIT, India and an MBA from the University of Delaware. He lives with his wife and two sons in Chadds Ford, PA.


Thursday September 20


Biomimicry is the practice of learning from nature and emulating its forms, processes and systems to solve problems and drive innovation. Powerful examples will be shared about how humans have tapped into nature’s brilliant designs and strategies and how NE Ohio has become a hub for bio-inspiration. The University of Akron (UA) will share how novel research of mussel-inspired sticky elastomers has the potential to solve intractable biomedical problems.


Christine Hockman has been with GLB since 2015, first as Director of Resources, Marketing and Communication, and before delving into the world of biomimicry, she spent 8 years with Summit Metro Parks. GLB is a partner of the Biomimicry Fellowship Program at UA, which provides interdisciplinary training in biology, design, engineering and business to next-gen innovation leaders.

Dr. Abraham Joy is an associate professor of Polymer Science at the University of Akron. He obtained his PhD in organic chemistry from Tulane University and joined UA after postdoctoral training at Georgia Tech and Rutgers University. The central focus of his research group is to develop materials for biomedical and engineering applications. The Joy Lab is engaged in developing peptidomimetic biomaterials for applications in wound healing, antibacterial, antibiofilm, tissue adhesives, 3D printing and controlled protein encapsulation and delivery, including elastomers that can stick to surfaces underwater.